Mars Stations Direct

Mars, the God of War, has finally stationed direct this past Wednesday, June 29, at 4:39pm PST. This planet's personality is feisty + direct. He gets shit done. He builds courage, will power and strength. Traveling retrograde since April 17th, he shared his frustrations, waged war on the egoic mind, evoked anger + rage. Severed ties, created boundaries in defense of wounds, activated insensitivities, insecurities + selfishness, leaving discord + destruction in his path. His consort, Venus, the only one said to be able to c alm him down, is hidden behind the sun as she journeys into the underworld for a psychic renewal of her own. The days around stationing direct can be some of the most inte

New Moon in Gemini + Mutable Grand Cross

Photo Credit :: Pete Longworth :: Soft Core Super Clear retreat w/ Elena Brower + Jana Roemer April 2014 The magic of this New Moon in airy Gemini is BIG! Gemini is represented by the Twins, or the duality of our Higher and Lower Self. Gemini is social. Gemini is quick witted, has a way with words and the tendency to shift minds quickly. One of the gifts of this time is to be able to see from an alternate perspective, should you choose to sit back and view the bigger picture. This opens the opportunity to CHOOSE your path. Will you listen to your Higher Self and take flight or allow the dense energy of your lower self take the wheel? What third chakra practices are you doing to bolster your

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