Libra Full Moon - round TWO

Art by: @lamiaa.ameen 2nd Libra full moon of Aries Season This is worth noting. Libra is when archetypal programming shifts from individual, personal development into incorporating other into our relationship with Self. It’s not necessarily the most refined expression of relationship as it’s the first awakening to relationship and often times this means (for Libra especially), to get lost in the intoxication of relationship. Libras often over extend or compromise themselves in their relationships in an attempt to find harmony or keep the peace. It’s a kind of self sacrifice that is unsustainable. Part of Libra’s karma is learning how to ground themselves within a relationship without

Aries New Moon

Aries New Moon Aries, the Ram, ruled by Mars. Cardinal Fire When thinking of cardinal fire, think of the moment the fire starts. Sometimes there are a few attempts to get the fire to burn, but when it does, it’s instantly hot and starts to transform the environment. Where once there was darkness, now there is light. Where once it was cold, now it is warm. The first needs to be tended to with great care in the beginning or it could become reckless or fizzle out, yet sometimes we get lucky and spark a fire with the perfect flame. This usually comes when the environment and circumstances are just right. This entire time that we’ve been swimming in this Pisces party with Mercury Rx in Pisces (st

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