Midwife of Awakening

There are so many ways to be a Human and within each life, we live multiple incarnations determined by our choices. To explain who I am by listing experiences, hardships or moments of joy only offers a distorted glimpse. We live. We make choices. We deal with consequences. We break, we grow, we forgive, we celebrate, we laugh. This is life. We all do it and it looks different for each of us. In the end, we all long for the same things: To be heard. To be seen. To belong. To love and be loved.


If I could add a dimension to your existence, it would be that you long to listen so that you desire to hear every single cell of your body through multiple portals of perception in every moment. I believe your body is an ear to the Universe and a map to a hidden reality, a gateway to intuition and that it is our job to release the imprints of our past from our tissues. I believe we are a species in a state of evolution, transforming into a psychic society. Integrity is no longer optional; align with your truth and honesty. I believe that our species’ survival depends on those willing to wade out into the unknown to imagine a future that has yet to exist and then ground that futuristic reality into now. I am a Mystic who appreciates science, yet my curiosity doesn’t end there. I’d rather challenge science than silence my intuition. I came here with an attention to detail and desire for perfection, which untamed could easily drive me nuts and when harnessed is a curious guide to radical new ideas and ways of BE-ing. I’m a rebellious provocateur. I speak things often left unsaid and have learned to be comfortable in discomfort. I love deeply and choose joy over suffering and recognize that there are times when a bout of suffering is the only way to that joy.  The way I teach reflects all of this.


Astrology is my other main obsession, woven into my teachings. I also run moon circles and do natal chart readings.


With roots in Canada, after 20 years of traveling and studying with respected teachers and nearly a decade in the role of teacher, my home is in Venice, CA where I lead classes at Love Yoga Space. I also offer yoga nidra teacher trainings, often in my living room and run 300-hour YTT's with Sasha Bahador, a Soulful guide who, like me, feels called to do it a little differently. 

I'm currently taking a short break from facilitating trainings to welcome our second child into the world, due October 2019. Until I get to know this little Soul, the only thing I am committing to is the ongoing release of Astro Nidras and Cosmic Walking Meditations through this website and you can find me on Insight Timer in their courses section as well as in their free library of practices.

In October 2021, I'll be in Portugal to run a Yoga Nidra training in collaboration with Satu who will be teaching Embodied Yin. The two are a match made in Heaven and the way Satu translates the teachings of Yin Yoga is out of this world.


A hilarious star-seed of a child chose to join us about four and a half years ago. We called him Freddie Wilde. He has stretched my heart's capacity for love, awoken emotional responsiveness and sensitivities and challenges me beyond measure. He and my sweet husband are by far my most profound teachers these days.

If you would like to read about my path, check out an educational style bio here or peep my instagram.

Practices of Self Love       Learning to Love it All

Jana Roemer