Leo New Moon

Ruled by the Sun, Leo works to illuminate your essence as you integrate back into wholeness. The Sun illuminates everything in its path, in this cycle it is likely you will enjoy creative inner refinements to align with your personal integrity. When the sun cycles through Leo, you get to see what lives underneath societal conditioning and childhood programming and are encouraged to penetrate right through it all by radiating from your own unique, courageous and playful heart. It is time for you to SHINE! It is significant to note that there are some important energy shifts this lunar cycle: Uranus goes retrograde on Friday, July 29th until December 29th Mercury moves into earthy Virgo Saturd

Full Moon in Capricorn

Art by Hans Walor "Stepping into the Light" This full moon in Capricorn has me up enjoying the quiet peacefulness that comes with my sleeping family. I've been craving time alone to check in with myself & re-calibrate to my own inner alignment of truth and essence. Makes sense that it would happen on a full moon. To fully understand the feminine, earthy, structure building, ambitious, integral Capricorn, we have to look at her ruling planet, Saturn, along with the archetype. It would make sense that Gurupurnima (the moon to honour your teachers) is on the Capricorn moon. I've started to relate to Saturn as an older, more mature, no bullshit grandfather or masculine figure who always has your

Be The Change

Photography by Tricia Victoria Photography When my dad died, among the many things I learned is that until you experience something yourself, you haven't got a clue. This past week has been so full of emotions for so many. I've spent hours writing to express, reflect and attempt to pull out what I, personally, am going to do to be the change we need right now in history. And time and time again, I am reminded just how fucking ignorant I am to the suffering of Black Americans. As a privileged white Canadian, pseudo-freshly living in California, I have no clue. One of the more potent practices that I have adopted over the years to invoke transformation is to hold the vision of the desired fina

Venus' Journey Through the Underworld

While Venus is on her Journey to the Underworld, the feminine may feel like there is a huge gap or empty hole in her heart. Venus is the Goddess of love, abundance, beauty and relationships. Balance, harmony, equilibrium. In older texts she was acclaimed as the Goddess of Peace. During this imbalance, the feminine, emotional side of us may feel fear around finances or fear of abandonment or fears about not being lovable or good enough or a sense of confusion. Yet don’t let love be replaced with fear. Love yourself through this transit by amping up your Spiritual practice. Remember that Spirituality is not always pretty. It hurts, there are tears, as we build our resilience and capacity we ga

New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer represents your Mother relationship, home and family. She represents intimacy, feelings, moods, safety and security. She illuminates early childhood conditioning, growth, empathy and vulnerability. She helps us become aware of our own feelings and sensitive to the feelings of others. She asks us how well we are able to support others and receive support from others. There is tenderness in these waters because of the way the Cancer New Moon nurtures. This is the essence of this new moon, yet the pathway is through the shadows. Pluto ‘the Power House’ sits in Capricorn opposite the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in Cancer. Pluto teaches you about power. Death and rebir

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