Taurus New Moon

Earthy, grounded, traditional and steady Taurus ruled by feminine, prosperous Venus is here to help move out all the frenetic energies and ground into creature comforts. While Aries season had us individualizing our experience and defining who we are, Taurus season comes with determination and strength to bring your desires to life and get it done well. Taurus lives through the senses. Taurus loves to nourish the body and Soul through culinary delights, medicinal oils and the comfort and ease that comes with aligning with nature. Give yourself permission to slow down and indulge in your life. Enjoy it. Press pause for a moment and let the sunshine land on your face. Soak those Sun rays in an

Full Moon in Libra, Sun in Aries

This full moon is POTENT! Woahza! First of all, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter, both in Libra. Jupiter expands, offers the Highest teachings and is the Guru planet. When you work with Jupiter, what ever it touches turns to gold. So this is great news! Use this time to get in right relationship in every aspect of your life to align with prosperity (not just financially – in all ways). If you’ve been following along and have done your homework with the Sun in Aries – you’ve spent more time getting to know who you are and are experimenting with ways to express yourSelf more authentically. As the moon in Libra sits in opposition to the Sun in Aries it is now time to expand your “Me” into a “We.” T

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