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Teacher Training Philosophy 

As a student, I find myself as an artsy scientist who uses her mind & body as the labratory.

A scientist, simply stated, is someone who takes an idea and tests it out for themselves in an attempt to understand.

The artist unearths something deep inside their Being and alchemizes feeling into creative expression.

Both paths see Humans emerge with new understandings.

Blending the artist into the scientist's formula transcends the logical study into a journey of the mystical unknown. The mystery is where the magic of the practice lives. This willingness to wander into the unknown is what expands the edges of your Human understanding. The ancient teachings of yoga whisper hints to you where to search next, yet even the teachings are no guarantee to your own liberation.

Only you can take yourself there.

My favourite teachers are dedicated students, faithfully curious in their self-study & ever present in the now.

The teacher trainings I offer are experiments we undertake together.

When I do _______, what happens? It's a constant inquiry to the Self, from the self.


The date of my first notes on yoga tells me that I started formally studying this practice over 20 years ago, I would argue that it's been lifetimes. As a daily meditating, nerdy-book-worm, I have studied with many different teachers and read many different perspectives.

As a student I have been mentored and continue to be mentored by the best.

Ultimately, my biggest teacher is this ever unfolding living experiment.

All of this have served as incredible tools and vehicles to help me awaken ever-deeper into my Human Experience.

The trainings have a goal to lead you each home to the deep and overflowing well of Self Love. 

These training are for Souls ready to awaken to really see and experience themSelves as a Masterpiece. There will be a strong emphasis on repatterning limiting beliefs and manifestation through understanding your electromagnetic field and mastery of mind. 


YTT grads report

Three words: Vulnerability, instrospection & transformation. Yoga Teacher Training with Jana was one of the most amazing & profound experiences I have had during this magical journey through life.

- Sarah Dycks, Edmonton, AB

I left the training a confident teacher, but more than that: a better student and person. There are few people who can touch your Soul and Jana is one of them.

- Tiffany, Edmonton, AB

Yoga Teacher Training sparked a paradigm shift in me. Jana's prespective, caring and honest teachings stay with me to this day and help me move out of panic, frustration and fear into a calm, steady and assured inner confidence.

- Amy Liz, Calgary, AB

I want to share with you one powerful vow I took in November during my yoga teacher training. 

*See everyone in their masterpiece*

This has been truly profound! It enabled me to remove judgement and hate that was doing no service to me. Seeing everyone for who they are and loving them for being their unique self has opened my heart in ways I never realized was achievable. It has changed the frequency at which I send my vibrations into the universe attracting the most beautiful of souls and I am truly in awe of the amount of love that has unfolded from these people. We are all unique, we all have quirks and flaws and things we are not proud of but we also have charm and endearing qualities that make others love us. Taking this vow makes me see the good in people and makes it so gosh darn easy to love anyone. I know I talk a lot about love, but honestly guys it truly is the warmest yummiest of feelings and I am hopelessly addicted! Let people be who they are and see them in their masterpiece, then watch as this new perspective unfolds to bring magic into your life.

- Kelly Swan, Thailand 2015

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