Gemini Season

{Collage Art by Jess Wells // Photography by Dj Pierce // Model: Humberto Le Pelch} Gemini season is curious, changing, growing. It’s unpredictable and playful and witty. It’s social and intelligent. Gemini is the messenger, knows how to communicate with anyone. Gemini season represents the duality of the higher and lower mind. The dark and the light, the day and the night. Any duality is up for us to play in the polarities and as we do, we deepen our understanding of Unity. Once we see that, we understand that we have a choice. If dark, shadow and light are on the same spectrum, how and where do you want to play? Because Gemini season is so playful and curious, it helps us to desire to

New Moon in Taurus // Uranus in Taurus (teaser)

Art by: @ododua.aum Taurus – fixed Earth, ruled by Venus. 24°36 Taurus This new Moon’s medicine is to sit back so deeply within yourself that all the fluctuation and undulations around you have nothing on you. Dig so deep into the earth that you are the only one that chooses if you move in any direction. Spend time each day leading up to this new moon and the days following this new moon sitting or laying down and visualizing yourself entering the layers of earth beneath the crust and pull your energy inward. Reclaim all your energy from anywhere you have fragmented it off, left it behind, made a bad investment and bring it all home to yourself now. Part of it is protection, yet more so it’

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