Full Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Taurus

{Art by Cosmic Collage} Scorpio – the underworld, the scorpion, eagle, snake and a phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s all about the occult, the mystery, healing, alchemy and shamanism. Scorpio is a fixed water sign. Water in the thick of transformation. This is why I often think of Scorpio water as boiling water. It changes anything that is immersed in it. Alchemy is turning one element into another. Shamanism is the transformation that happens with when a human allows for the emergence of their Soul and blossoming of Spirituality. It happens when one is willing to truly sit with their own emotions, wounds, triggers and any unconscious behaviours they are playing out and decides to liberate

Taurus Season

{collage art: Jess Wells // Model: Jacobie Gray (an actual Taurus) // Photographer: DJ Pierce} Taurus has been mis-perceived by pop culture. Likely because it is represented by the bull, it is easy to think that Taurus is a masculine sign and people like to give Taurus a bad reputation as being stubborn and stop there. But there is so much more to this sensual sign. Remember that the cow is held as the most sacred animal in India. Taurus is a feminine, fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. Taurus is romantic, reliable and compassionate. Taurus like to take her time, so that she can take it all in because Taurus rules the five senses. There is something indulgent about this season. It a return t

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Jana Roemer

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