Winter Solstice

In the northern hemisphere, this is the longest night. In the southern, the longest day. Either hemisphere, this day marks an important shift. In the north, we are fully exhaled, in the south, at the peak of the inhale. We so beautifully create the whole. Together. Balanced. It's a perfect time to do a personal check in with where you have been leaking energy or wasting your time and efforts or dancing in your shadow for a little too long over the past six months and view these as opportunities for refinements of how you use your energy and your daily design. Reflect on where you could be more attentive, more truthful and offer more depth from your heart. Make a commitment to yourSelf for so

Gemini Full Moon

This is the third super moon in a row, making it extra powerful as it has been gaining momentum over the last couple lunar cycles. It is also the last Full Moon of 2016. Which ultimately, doesn’t mean much since the Gregorian calendar is slightly out of step with the moon’s rhythms, but it has come to signify endings in our modern day culture AND when looking at numerology, it is the end of this 9 year cycle. Another chance to really LET GO! Tonight is also the peak of the Geminid Meteorite Shower! Here are the major aspects with this Full Moon in astrologer talk: The Moon in Gemini Opposite the Sun (+Saturn) in Sagittarius Jupiter in Libra Opposite Uranus in Aries, both square Pluto and Mer

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