Virgo New Moon

Friday, August 30th 3:37am New Moon in Virgo Mutable Earth - Mutable is transforming, the energy of change, like the change of the seasons. Ruled by Mercury - the Mind The new moon is in an exact trine with Uranus in Taurus as part of an ongoing Grand Earth Trine and in a tight conjunction with Mars, a couple degrees away from incoming Mercury and Juno. Venus is also in on the action. To be clear: In Virgo we have Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon, Juno, Mercury. That's a LOT of Virgo energy. Some people might not be able to or want to handle this kind of energy, while others will be rocking out, getting everything done that they ever dreamed. DON'T COMPARE yourself to their highlight real. This one is

Full Moon in Aquarius / Sun in Leo 22°24

5:29am August 15, 2019 Let me explain this statement. There’s depth to it. Aquarius: Ruled by Uranus. Fixed Air. The Humanitarian Leo rules the Heart & Spinal column Aquarius rules the circulatory system Uranus rules the cerebral spinal fluid + the nervous system. 6 planets in fixed signs 6 planets in fire signs Only ONE in air: the full moon. This moon is fanning the flames of the heart, providing the pathway & the system for the heart’s message to move out into the entire organism of life. These two need each other, even if on the surface it seems they don’t. Individual Leo, often expressed through the egoic ‘look at me!!’ can appear VERY different from Aquarian’s, h

Leo Season ∞ Jupiter Stations Direct ∞ Mercury Moves into Leo ∞ Uranus Stations Retrograde

{Collage: Lori Menna / @cosmiccollage} Ruled by the Sun & ruler of the HEART ~ Leo Season is the time we remember that it is our birth right to shine in this world & enjoy this life! The heart is the first organ to develop in the womb. It is the center of our inner solar system & the place that love grows. With Venus all snuggled up with the sun now and the recent Leo New Moon, this is a good time to welcome pleasure, more love into your relationships, to cut the ones you love some slack & return to joy, remember your loyalties & give love generously. To know where your heart loyalties are will help keep you steady as the month goes on. Leo’s also a manifestation sign & in favorable energy

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