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Attune to the Moon:
   Astro Nidras™, Moon Gatherings + Astro Journeys
Insight Timer: 
    Course + Yoga Nidras
  Overcome Obsessive Thinking
           Wake Up your Inner Wisdom
           Reconnect + Expand Perspective
           Journey to Remember Who You Are
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Astro Nidras™

These are my real babies. My heart and soul is being poured into each of these You can explore the page dedicated to the Astro Nidras™ for more. 


instructional videos:

As featured on my YouTube Channel:

7 minute guided prenatal meditiation

30 minute prenatal yoga practice

As featured on Manduka's Project OM :

34 min Yoga Nidra to Reconnect + Expand Perspective

{Sonima images by Chloe Crespi} 

As featured on Live Sonima:

30 minute yoga nidra practice for mamas

18 minute hip opening practice for mamas

13 minute energizing yoga flow for mamas

10 minute restorative yoga for mindful mamas

Jana Roemer

Practices of Self Love       Learning to Love it All
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