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Attune to the Moon is a custom designed website. Nasa data runs the website infrastructure so the whole experience is aligned with the Cosmic Clock, rather than the Gregorian calendar. 

You only ever see practices aligned with the current planetary positioning.

You'll find:

Astro updates every 2.5 days as the moon changes signs

Astro Nidras, aka Cosmic Rest + Attunement practices

Universal Breath Practices aligned with Mercury

Cosmic Walking Meditations aligned with Mars

We GATHER around each New Moon for a rich & intentional moon circle

Tap here to check it out!

We are SO CLOSE to launching as an app!

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Over 64,000 students have enjoyed this course and counting. Insight Timer is an incredible community with a vast library of practices. You'll find this course in the paid membership as well as a handful of Yoga Nidra's and meditations from me. Once you're on the app, search my name, or click here!

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