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Who are your GUIDES?

Lysa Cooper + Jana Roemer

Lysa and Jana have a decade long relationship of pure mutual admiration and respect. If you love one of us, you're sure to appreciate and enjoy the other. We can't wait to introduce you...

Lysa Cooper

Lysa Cooper is an experienced facilitator for personal journeys utilizing natural thriving plant or animal medicine. Acting as a psychedelic concierge, Lysa works with top-of-the-line practitioners for integration and practice development, in both one-on-one or group settings. 

Prior to her medicine work, Lysa is known for creating the alchemy of community and tribe through her company Bring Your Vibe, having hosted decades of gatherings in various cities enlisting the worlds top DJ’s to spin at her soirees. Lysa draws upon her early 1980’s experience, growing up in New York nightlife’s epicenter venues under the tutelage of Brian McNally, Ian Schrager, and Serge Becker — all of whom she worked under in various capacities. She eventually went on to become a top stylist for 20 years, forming the visual signatures for artists such as Mary J Blige, Mos Def, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West and beyond. 


After 30 years of entertainment business, Lysa was drawn back to the mystery of the inward experience — developing safe space through ritual, altars, breath work, meditations, and other practices designed to center the body and optimize it to receive the medicine. For nearly a decade, she has studied and developed a protocol that enables a vibrant body, mind, and spirit. Today she continues developing her practice, exploring herbal apothecary and Psilocybin as healing agents on the road of self-discovery. She is a brand ambassador for The Kind Teacher, a micro-dosing company dedicated to deepening your medicine work using intention and integration. 

Jana Head Shot small.jpg
Jana Head Shot small.jpg

Jana Roemer

Jana Roemer spans over 15 years experience creating and facilitating local and international retreats, workshops, Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Nidra Trainings and Astrology courses. She is a lover of Humans and the awakening of consciousness. A curious psychonaut, always exploring both the inner and outer realms, her love for life and the Human experience is obvious to all those lucky enough to enter her orbit.

Astrology, Yoga Nidra and frequency medicine are her current passions.  Her gifts of sight and vision are the bedrock of how she synthesizes complex concepts into accessible and digestible wisdom snacks for people to enjoy. 

Her relationship with the Sun, Moon and stars started young, growing up in the middle of no where, seeking solstice in the one thing no one could take away from her; The endless sky.

She's praying for clear skies so she can take you on a tour of the Heavens at night to match the vastness of the journey into your inner realms that you'll explore during the daily practices.

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