Full Moon Full Lunar Eclipse Super Moon in Leo

{artist Unknown, if you know, please tell me so I can credit} This moon is potent and complex. I started to unpack it all piece by piece, but it think it will confuse the potency. So instead, I’m pulling out the strongest messages. I’ll go into an explanation, but the most important message is this: We need to redefine integrity. Integrity is a devotion to uphold your moral code and to do the right thing whether you’re being observed or not. Integrity has been morphed into this expectation of staying true to your word, even when it is out of alignment with your heart and Soul’s purpose. It’s moved out of heart-lead action and into a head-focused promise. This eclipse brings with it a new em

Partial Solar Eclipse New Moon in Capricorn

collage: jess wells | photography: DJ Pierce | model: Meghan Bhakva Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, means business with this new moon solar eclipse sandwiched between powerful, transformative planets: Saturn and Pluto. This eclipse is happening on the South Node of the moon telling us it’s time to clear history and cut ties with the past to lighten our load as we build our future. Anything in your past that needs to be resolved for the sake of your Soul’s freedom will re-appear in your life in some way, be it a memory, a chance encounter or connection. Clean out the closets both literally and figuratively. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, here to initiate change. Saturn & Pluto in Capr

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