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Gemini Full Moon

(Art: Laura Berger)


We are on the edge of enormous change.

Jupiter just moved into Capricorn

Eclipse Season starts Christmas Day

All planets direct Jan 11 when Uranus stations direct

January 12th is the long talked about Pluto / Saturn conjunction exact

(Although, now that I’ve looked at the full year, I think we’ll see this peak mid-Oct during the Mars Rx in Aries, square Saturn & Pluto - it’s a year of intense transformation)

I digress. . . (But important to know what’s coming so you get down to it now)

♊︎ Gemini Full Moon ♊︎

Community, communication, commerce, curiosity

Balancing the masculine & feminine / the higher & lower mind / your inner & outer worlds / any & all polarities.

Questioning, listening, perspective shifting, mind opening 🤯 mental exploration.

This full moon is asking for inquiry & contemplation, both in your social & professional spheres + within yourself.

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury, is in their detriment in Sagittarius, we’re meant to slow down enough to ask the big questions:

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What is this all about?

Are my actions aligned with the answers to these questions?

What is my relationship with Spirit / Source / Creator / Love?

(Call ‘It’ whatever helps you move toward “It.”)

These big questions can play themselves out in your journal or within the hive mind as you talk with friends or sit in sacred circles.

We’re looking for CLARITY of mind.

Venus is currently sandwiched between Saturn & Pluto - these are kind of like new moons in that a conjunction resets a cycle between two planets. There’s a letting go & a new intention for that relationship.

Venus ☌ Saturn:

Are you in right relationship?

Are you acting in integrity as you grow your prosperity?

Then Venus will conjunct Pluto, upping the anti of the importance of these questions. You’ll be asked to let something go again. This time, if you don’t do it willingly, it will be taken from you.

Are your relationships & paths of prosperity in alignment with your Soul’s Purpose?

Can you ask all of these questions with a warm & loving heart, in a safe environment?

Pluto ensures we are being pruned for these bigger aspects to come in 2020.

Mars is taking a walk through Scorpio. Here, your intuition is strong, so trust your gut, make your move & take a stand for your Higher Purpose & Path.

Jupiter is trine Uranus through the weekend and a little into next week. This will revolutionize your life if you’re taking a stand or making a tough decision you’ve been putting off.

Neptune is in a t-square to this full moon - which could make you work for your meditation, but if you can get under the analytical mind & remain aware while your body’s sleeping, you’ll be able to work out most of it in there. Thus the Gemini Astro Nidra.


Art: @_lauraberger_

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