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Aries Full Moon, Libra Sun

Sunday, October 13th, 2019


20°14’ Aries


The Ram

Cardinal Fire

Who am I?

Ruled by Mars

The full moon is in a perfect square with Pluto at 20°40’ Capricorn

And a perfect Trine with Jupiter at 20°07’ Sagittarius

Venus at 6°25’ Scorpio is opposite Uranus at 5°12’ Taurus

Mars is also in Libra at 6°15’

Prototype Maker - Trail Blazer - takes direction from no one.

This Full Moon is rife with intensity, ready to transform. The way fire completely changes what it touches. Are you going to make this moon a controlled burn or let the wild fires have their way with your life?

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It’s where the entire Astrological wheel begins. It’s considered the baby of the zodiac. It takes us back to our original programing. There are two parts to this. The pure, unadulterated Soul essence that provides the instructions for our uniqueness and our mission in this life is one side of it. The second side is our very first, deep, often unseen programs that we carry from our early childhood.

So, this moon could really go two different directions.

Think of the emotional embodiment of a two year old. Wild and out of control. It could be one of low impulse control, triggered emotions and abuses of power. It could be about ME, large and in charge. It could be that we see where we need to set boundaries and blurt out what’s needed in order to feel centered again. Especially after traveling two thirds of the way through Libra season where there is a tendency toward indecisiveness and an ease in giving up our own needs for the sake of creating and establishing harmony in relationships. It could be a moon where we end up on the defensive or put another on the defense and then have to unpack what happened later when we have our Lunacy hangover as Jupiter trine this full moon could move us into excess.

Or we could take it a different direction, a layer deeper.

The difference is shifting from Self Preservation to Self Awareness.

We can employ Jupiter in this Full Moon's unfolding. Jupiter is benevolent, yet he doesn’t always step in fully unless we ask for help. In this case, it’s our optimism that kicks Jupiter into gear. Knowing that Aries is ruled by Mars, who is ready for a battle with low impulse control, we could consciously choose to retreat.

The Pluto square will stir and conjure forth all the dysfunctions for you to see them. Jupiter can help us see and reprogram our belief systems and conditioning. This can be a moon of great awakening in our relationships, especially with Uranus opposite Venus (or that same aspect could completely disrupt the flow of relationship playing out as more of a dictator).

Pluto, who shows us our Soul Power, conjunct Saturn in Capricorn - one of the big teachings is integrity, advising us to back away from any battles that aren’t ours to fight.

This means that we can lean into the side of Capricorn that desires Mastery, that pulls inward to know themselves using the reflections provided by the pressures of this astrological weather. This is how we cultivate our inner authority through this passage.

Since we’re in the realm of relationship (Libra Sun), you’re looking for where your relationships are toxic.

Is it you?

Have you turned a blind eye to the downside in the name of all that you love about the relationship?

Are you playing out co-dependant tendencies?

Are you replaying unresolved emotional drama from your childhood?

Are you projecting one of your parental relationships on your partner?

(hint: if you’re flabbergasted at how you ended up married to your father, there is a very high likelihood that you’re projecting. If you’re becoming like your in-law of the same sex, it’s likely you’re being projected upon) - it’s not wrong it’s natural. We just need to wake up to it, own it and release the program so you can see your partner as they are, rather than as your history dictates).

There has to be enough space within your relationship that you can disentangle the emotional, codependent, enmeshed parts so you can see yourself as you and them as them.

Using a higher octave of Pluto’s transformative power, requires deep introspection and self awareness to see yourself as imperfect and a work in progress. It requires that you willingly look at yourself and dissolve your own blocks and blind spots. You can shed the projections and the subconscious adaptations you'e adopted due to being projected upon (almost like a self fulfilling prophecy, except a projected prophecy). To take you back to your Soul essence, the place beyond the external idea of who we are and restore yourself back to your home frequency to reset you to your unique, pure Soul Essence and then show up WHOLE for your relationships, needing nothing from them at all other than the pure enjoyment of companionship and relating. The irony of that whole journey is that we need the other to be able to see ourselves that clearly. It moves us into Sacred Relationships where the other is our mirror to know the depth of ourself.

It’s beautiful really.

This is where Venus opposite Uranus transmutes this whole moon into an experience of awakening through relationship.

There are a few different Astro Nidras available for this journey.

If you find that you're needing to come back to yourself, your home frequency and clear your space of toxic relationship, check out my all time favorite Astro Nidra - the 2018 Aries Astro Nidra - Return to Your Home Frequency.

If you see a program that you're projecting or is acting as a block to your freedom that you're ready to release, check out the 2019 Aries Astro Nidra - Remove the Old Program

Of course, if you're looking to restore balance, continue to use this year's Libra Astro Nidra to Restore Balance.

A simple ritual for this Full Moon would be to write down what you're ready to let go of and then burn it with intention of releasing it.

The more awareness you bring to these next few intense days, the greater the transformation will move in your preferred direction.

Lots of love Moon Lovers!


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