Scorpio Full Moon - Blue Moon - Buddha Moon

{art by @colormelurid} Scorpio rules the sex organs and our reproductive systems, Taurus rules the 5 senses and our throat, neck, vocal cords and thyroid. The axis between these two is sensuality and sexuality. It’s sensitivity and how it manifests in the world as well as what we keep secret. The Scorpio Full Moon calls forth the most potent powers of transformation available to us: death, birth, divorce, deception, addiction, the occult, power and the abuse of power and profound healing. Scorpio goes so far beyond the world of the seen into the greatest mysteries of existence, that there is depth to the Scorpio archetype that is impossible to know through the intellectual mind / ego. That i

Taurus New Moon ~ Release the old Programs, Innovate and Awaken your Psychic Senses

{cosmic art by Lori Menna of @cosmiccollage} Sat, May 4th3:45pm PST Fixed Earth. The Bull. Feminine. Taurus, ruled by Venus. Venus rules prosperity, harmony, how we relate + luxuriate. It rules love, money and assets. In the body, Taurus rules the five senses, throat, neck, thyroid, vocal cords and ears. Taurus’ are the most powerful manifesters of the zodiac, yet before they can fully activate this, their first mission in life is to step into their self worth and understand the value they create for the world. Because of their intimacy with their senses, they tend to be lovers of the arts, enjoy fine textiles, good music and they often can sniff their way into powerful relationships (you la

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