Pisces Full Moon / Sun in Virgo

{Epic Pisces collage by @cosmiccollage, Lori Menna} The Pisces full moon comes early in Virgo Season indicating to me that it has a bigger influence in the scope of this season. (We are on a streak of these early sun season full moons actually. Pay attention to them). This full moon in Pisces on August 26this a perfect check in with our connection to emotional embodiment. It reminds us that precision in tasks is secondary to Humanitarian action. Sure you can perform precise and remarkable surgery, but can you create an environment where the patient feels safe? Feels heard? Feels seen? And Felt? Sometimes Virgo energy can be so focused, so sharp, that it can become cold or even cruel. This fu

Virgo Season

{art: @t.radz} Virgo Season 9:08pm Wednesday, August 22 2018 Virgo: Mutable Earth Ruled by Mercury + Chiron Divine Feminine sign Digestive System, Nervous System + Spleen At it’s Highest, Virgo is a return to wholeness within as it is the last of the personal signs. It’s knowing yourself and experiencing yourself whole that prepares you for another when we move into Libra season. The journey to get there has a large part in cleaning up your inner dialogue. Virgo gets a bad rap for being overly critical and this comes from a few different inputs: Virgo is the force that shows chaos is incoherence waiting to be ordered and Virgo can be masterful at creating that order. This isn’t to assume tha

Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leo is associated with the Lion, the courageous heart and playful leadership. Leo Season is about creativity and remembering the most important creative project you ever work on: Your Soul's Expression. The theme of this Leo season is a returning to your Soul’s essence and purpose. Leo Season is considered the Spiritual New Year in esoteric astrology. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is the center of our Solar System, is our Source of light and information. The Sun and our Solar System are moving through the Milky Way Galaxy and at the center of our Galaxy is a Black Hole. The difference between a sun and a star is that a Sun has planets in orb

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