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Aquarius New Moon

{Collage: Lori Menna of Cosmic Collage}

1:43pm PST, Friday, Jan 24th

Fixed air

Lives in your circulatory system

Ruled by Saturn + Uranus

Saturn rules both Capricorn & Aquarius. It’s a continuation of Saturn’s work from Capricorn Season, but now it’s time to push past perceived limitations, break the glass ceiling & activate your inner rebel. An Aquarian-Saturn expression happens once One has built a solid reputation + life of integrity. Instead of having to follow the rules, they get to write the rules.

Find your people, the ones in their mastery along with you. Forget competition, it’s time for collaboration & strong Soul community. We are meant to drive change right now. This is the first new moon since the Saturn Pluto conjunction, which you need to understand, is MAJOR!

The tightest aspect to the sun + moon is a square to creative + awakening Uranus, Aquarius’ other ruler. With Uranus living in your nervous system, you might feel a little jumpy, restless, impulsive or even electric. One of the best ways to manage this influx of unpredictable energy flushing your system is to consciously get quiet & listen carefully to the dialogue between your circulatory system & nervous system. Which, incidentally, is what we’re doing in the Aquarius Astro Nidra this year. You’ll get the biggest insight by practicing it within the window of the new moon (a few days before and a few days after) & to repeat the practice throughout Aquarius Season will help integrate & translate the download your cells are carrying for you until you’re able to hear it.

The need for change & provocation is so strong that impulsiveness here may be a little destructive due to the lack of attention to consequences or irritability. However, it could be exactly what you need to break free from old ways & destructive patterns & give rise to profoundly innovative ideas. Uranus often innovates tech & science, so watch / listen up when it comes to those topics. It’s a perfect time to clean the slate and start fresh!

Mercury is hanging out in Aquarius too, about 9* away from the moon, so not a conjunction at the moon exact, but shortly afterward. It could be very easy to catch yourself speaking up about something you’ve been quiet on, but that’s been bugging you. Or have a hard time keeping your words in your mouth, perhaps even to shocking yourself. Emotions can run high, increasing impulsive communication for everyone. Be easy with each other. Do your best to navigate these days from your higher mind. Let yourself be spontaneous & learn something new. If you give the impulsive & restless energy something to do, you won’t be as effected. It’s how we can channel this energy. Work with it, not against it.

The hardest hit with this moon are people with planets at 4* of fixed signs: Aquarius, Taurus, Leo & Scorpio. More favorable for fellow air signs: Gemini & Libra.

You can get your Aquarius Astro Nidra here. We have another meditative Cello track by The Wong Janice called Trust. You're going to love it! It's the first single off her next Album! It's time Astro Lovers! Go big! Let this weekend shake things up enough that you're breaking through big blocks and activating your Soul Purpose! Let's do this! Love ~


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