New Moon in Virgo

It’s a Virgo party. The Sun, the moon, Mercury, Mars and moments before the New Moon goes exact, Venus enters Virgo. That’s a lot of Virgo energy. As with every archetype, there are variable octaves of this energy, so dive in and explore so you can find the higher octaves of Virgo. Virgo is a mutable earth sign. That means we are in a state of transformation. Virgo is the Healer and the Herbalist, which through this moon, puts us in a deep state of self healing and can strengthen our relationship with plant medicine. While an unrefined expression of Virgo comes across as highly critical which is born from an inner yearning to fix and perfect everything. In the higher octaves this yearni

Full Moon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo

There is a collective energy of too much, perhaps showing up as anxiety, nervousness, disassociation, numbing, running, neurosis. Too much to do, not enough focus or time, too much confusion, things not making sense, decisions that are head scratching and unbelievable. Mercury stationed direct at the same degree that hosted the Leo Solar Eclipse reigniting that mega download of information, transformation, recalibration of power. Mars is conjunct Mercury having just passed that 28° of Leo, so we have been in a portal of reactivation. Have you been reactivated? Activated? Or Reactive? This moon, all cozied up with Neptune who is also opposing the Sun along with Mercury in a grand fire trine w

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