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What are Astro Nidras™?

If you love Astrology and love feeling good in your heart and Soul, you will LOVE Astro Nidrasᵀᴹ!

This is a practice of deep rest, infused with a quantum dialogue with your nervous and endocrine systems to soothe and connect with your ancient, infinite inner genius. All you need to do is lay down, press play, close your eyes and follow along for a journey inward. 

As I deepened my practice of Yoga Nidra, I quickly realized that my ritual of feeling into the cosmic cycles was infiltrating my yoga nidra practice. 

It dawned on me that I could guide your awareness to discover and embody the Highest Teachings of the astrological weather for yourSelf. This attunement isn't based off a prediction, but rather, clear cosmic communication awakening your inner

These Astro Nidras are now all hosted over at: where I have build a website that runs on the current planetary positions. 



My husband and I just did your yoga nidra. A mere 35 minutes later, I feel like I just attended a weekend healing workshop!

- Andrea, LMFT, CA

What I absolutely love about Jana, and which is without a doubt why her astro nidras are so extraordinary, is the depth of inner work she constantly reaches for in herself on her own path. This is a woman who walks her talk, who is perpetually growing wiser, transmuting and alchemizing with the most nurturing love and attention, every single thing that comes along the way. 


With each new layer she discovers in herself, her powerful limbic system makes it not just possible, but easeful, for us to meet her there, to feel the wonder of a new dimension, within the framework of our own bodies, while laying in meditation, perhaps thousands of miles away (as is the case with me). 


To be held by her voice and her presence is deeply healing. I recommend these nidras to all of my clients, and especially if you do not have experience with meditation, it's a wonderful place to start.

Antesa Jensen, Founder, Adventure Awake (

I have done this now morning and night for 3 days and each time I learn and see more in the visualizations. Beautiful voice, gentle guidance. An absolute treasure uncovered!

- Bob, Canmore, AB 

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