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What are Astro Nidras?

If you love Astrology and love feeling good in your heart and Soul, you will LOVE Astro Nidrasᵀᴹ!

This is a practice of deep rest, infused with a quantum dialogue with your nervous and endocrine systems to soothe and connect with your ancient, infinite inner genius. All you need to do is lay down, press play, close your eyes and follow along for a journey inward. 

As I deepened my practice of Yoga Nidra, I quickly realized that my ritual of feeling into the cosmic cycles was infiltrating my yoga nidra practice. 

It dawned on me that I could guide your awareness to discover and embody the Highest Teachings of the astrological weather for yourSelf. This attunement isn't based off a prediction, but rather, clear cosmic communication awakening your inner

These Astro Nidras are now all hosted over at: where I have build a website that runs on the current planetary positions. 

(I've stopped updating here for the time being as it's all just too much - head over to for the latest updates!)

Libra Astro NIdra 2020.png

 Libra Astro Nidraᵀᴹ - Dissolve Anxiety +. Judgement

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Libra - Cardinal Air

ruled by Venus

Virgo lives in the kidneys, skin + lower back

This Libra Season is INTENSE.

Although Libra is popularized as the archetype of relationships, harmony and beauty - it is also the archetype of social justice, judgement and mediators.


Libra lives in the kidneys and the diaphragm. 

Your kidneys filter all your fluids, release excess and clean your blood before sending it back to your brain. Some teach that it is the Mother of all organs. And others have named it as a gland since it produces hormones. This Astro Nidra has you exploring your kidneys and the adrenals that rest on top of them. You'll have a chance to breath air around any living anxiety in order to release it and dissolve your judgements, both of self and other.

What lives behind those judgements is given a chance to reveal itself.

Art: AMP Designs


 Virgo Astro Nidraᵀᴹ - Deep Rest + Digest

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Virgo - Mutable Earth

ruled by Mercury

Virgo lives in the digestive system and we have a lot to digest lately.

This Virgo season we have the Leo Lunar Cycle driving our emotions & intution. It's such a beautiful combination to have our heart's purpose roaring through our system with the hard work of Virgo to bring it to life. 

By giving your digestive system a chance to discern what you let in, give yourself permission to change your mind, to breakdown complex inputs, absorb and assimilate what nourishes you & release the rest, you'll be much more clear on your way forward in these confusing times. 

Remember: Rest is Radical

Healthy digestion happens when we're able to relax & we need to be able to release everything toxic, in excess or unnecessary.

Art: AMP Designs


 Leo Astro Nidraᵀᴹ: Drama Management

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This Leo Season has it's share of drama. The Mars Mercury square, The Aquarius Full Moon, Mars' first square to the Capricorn cluster and the Leo New Moon all have their own drama to them.

There is a difference between disassociation and disidentification. It's imperative that we maintain presence with the current events of the world as we are changing, unlearning and learning and growing a a rapid pace. To disassociate leaves us in the dark and vulnerable (and not in a good way). To DISIDENTIFY allows us to remain free amongst the chaos. To hold presence amidst the pain. To be seated deeply in your heart.

This kind of presence sets you up to maintain your mental health through it all.

The Aquarius Full Moon opens the door to travel through time and access our future self who has already endured this wild ride. By the end of this practice, you'll have a chance to get familiar with disidentifying with the drama around you and a moment to catch up with your future self to infuse you with embodied wisdom to help carry you through.

Art: AMP Designs


 Cancer Astro Nidraᵀᴹ: The Seeds

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Cancer as an archetype is the Divine Mother. A nurturing force of Unconditional Love. 


She lives in the belly & the Breasts

Within this practice, we explore the womb in the body scan. If you don't have a womb because it has been removed, the energetic anatomy of your womb is still there, so you'll work with that.

If you never had a womb, there are two ways you could work with that portion of the practice: 1. You could work with the etheric womb of the second chakra 2. you could translate the language of the womb into male anatomy. 

In either case, you are connecting with your inner Divine Creative force and planting potent seeds of you future while feeling for the embodiment of your creative potential.

Music by Essie Jain, a track called "The Healing"

Art: AMP Designs


 Gemini Astro Nidraᵀᴹ: Quantum Community

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Gemini - the twins
Mutable Air - transformation
ruled by mercury - the mind
Lives in the voice box, thyroid, arms, hands and fingers

This Gemini Astro Nidra has a unique twist to it. Mark did reiki on me as a proxy to share the healing reiki energy to anyone who does this practice.

Gemini season is typically very social, yet given the circumstances this year, there are so many who find themselves alone. In this practice, we go into the embryonic development of the thyroid, the arms and hands to finger tips, then explore the dual nature on our experience before bringing it together to meet our community in the quantum.

There are a couple cues that open you to receive reiki within the practice.

It's a little different than a typical Yoga Nidra, but that's how I like it lately.

Art: AMP Designs

Taurus Astro Nidra Art.jpg

 Aries Astro Nidraᵀᴹ - The Face Off

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Aries lives in the face and brain
Ruled by Mars
Cardinal fire

Aries connects you to who you are as an individual. 

Aries is the baby of the zodiac. There are often big feelings during Aries Season.

In this practice, we start with breath work to illuminate the brain as well as activate the lungs. We need to give life to our lungs and support our breathing.

This practice has a very detailed face scan, connects to your central channel, the home of your essential self and then leads you into compassionately coming face to face with yourself in order to step into your uniqueness and confidence to overcome your circumstances and step forward empowered.

Music by The Wong Janice - "LOVE"

Art: AMP Designs


 Aries Astro Nidraᵀᴹ - The Face Off

purchase the Aries Astro Nidraᵀᴹ here

Aries lives in the face and brain
Ruled by Mars
Cardinal fire

Aries connects you to who you are as an individual. 

Aries is the baby of the zodiac. There are often big feelings during Aries Season.

In this practice, we start with breath work to illuminate the brain as well as activate the lungs. We need to give life to our lungs and support our breathing.

This practice has a very detailed face scan, connects to your central channel, the home of your essential self and then leads you into compassionately coming face to face with yourself in order to step into your uniqueness and confidence to overcome your circumstances and step forward empowered.

Music by The Wong Janice - "LOVE"

Art: AMP Designs


 Pisces Astro Nidraᵀᴹ - Embody the Lymphatic System

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Pisces Season Feb 18th - March 18th


Pisces lives in the Lymphatic System. 


The lymphatic system is a directional system, returning interstitial fluid to the heart. It sorts out pathogens, works on the defense and releases excess. Allow the genius of the body to work on your many layers to turn chaos into order, release toxins and excess and purify your environment and restore health so that you can focus on living the dream of your incarnation purpose. ​

The Jelly fish imagery is sprinkled through out this practice. I hope you enjoy.

Art by Lori Menna / @cosmiccollage


 Mercury Retrograde in Pisces Practice - The Day Dream

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Mercury Rx goes from Feb 16 - March 9th

Mercury behaves differently in Pisces than another other sign. It's up to us to adapt to Mercury's communication style during this time or we can be left frustrated. 

You can press on if you like, and you should for your most important responsibilities and creations, but you'll miss out on the expansive vision and the chance to undo the tangles or confusion that this mash up of stars can cause. The insights are begging you to listen. This practice give you that opportunity.


This practice in only 22 minutes and highly unconventional, so much so that I chose to call it a practice instead of and Astro Nidra, but you'll still lay down, just as you would for a Nidra.

Art by Lori Mena / @cosmiccollage


 Aquarius Astro Nidraᵀᴹ - Cellular Breathing

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Aquarius lives in the circulatory system.

Ruled by both Saturn & Uranus. 

Air is the dominate element of Aquarius, thus we use the breath as a teacher through cellular breathing.

The blood delivers oxygen from the lungs to every single cells of your body, allowing each cell to breathe. 

As you embody these cells, they become enhanced communicators able to find rhythm & flow with their neighbouring cells, creating inner balance, turning up the volume on your inner wisdom, illuminating your uniqueness as well as your connection to the Whole.

Deep healing happens as your cells become aware of themselves.

Art by Lori Mena / @cosmiccollage


 Capricorn Astro Nidraᵀᴹ - Bone Deep Listening

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Capricorn rules the teeth and the bones, so the body scan is at the bone level. The tinies bones in the body are in the ear and once they hear, they pass the message on through the Skeletal System. Inside your bones, your bone marrow is listening and aligning with the Universe, which is realigning your inner structure and form to reflect what the Divine Ear hears - the depth of this reorganization is non-intellectual, but will influence the way you hold yourself and move through the world.

Earth is the dominate element of Capricorn, but when you mix earth with water, we start to change the landscape. So as you practice, keep a connection with the fluid nature of your body. 

One more thing: Everything is changing so dramatically right now that if you aren't listening, you're missing out. If you try to keep moving forward by the old rules, it could create frustration and misalignments that cause confusion. It's time to keep up.

Art by Lori Mena / @cosmiccollage


 Sagittarius Astro Nidraᵀᴹ - What Lives Beyond Beliefs?

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Sagittarius Season is one of adventure & exploring other cultures to understand out beliefs & seeking truth.

I recently learned that the opposite of a belief is a truth, meaning beliefs, although we all have them, keep us from knowing and living in truth. When someone goes to explore another culture for the first time, we are often confronted with our own belief systems as they begin to unravel through seeing a different way of life. Yet if we live by our beliefs, how do we go beyond them to rest in deeper truths?

Well, this astro nidra is designed to take you there.

I suggest going into this practice with a couple beliefs you would like to go beyond. You'll be asked to explore a limiting belief, a personal belief and a cultural belief. 

I hope you love it!

Art by Lori Mena / @cosmiccollage


 Scorpio Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Fixed water ruled by Mars and Pluto, ruler of the Underworld - This Scorpio Season is intense!

This year's practice is a soft and gradual plunge into your emotional body. There is room for choice, both in how deep you go and the emotions you work with in the practice. My suggestion is to contemplate what you want to work with and find the opposite emotion before you go into the practice so you don't have to think at all. However, if you find once you're in a different emotion to work with is revealed, go with it.

The other option for this practice is to stay in the sensation of the pulsation and plunge. You'll see when you get in the practice. I've done it a few times and the pulsation along with the sensations revealed are quite something to explore.

As usual it is available with music and without. The Wong Janice has placed a brand new piece with this practice called Submission. It's stunning.

I hope you enjoy!

Art: Cosmic Collage by Lori Menna


 Libra Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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This Libra Season comes with it one of our first 'breaks' in the astrology for a little while. After eclipses, Saturn Rx and an intense Virgo Season, this renewal that comes with the equinox, the beginning of Autumn and Libra season is asking us to rest deeper into ourselves and restore balance to our lives. That restoration of balance to your life is what this astro nidra focuses upon.

To help you stay deep in the process, feel free to identify an area of your life that could use a little help restoring balance before you go in. Take note of both sides -- where you are over invested and where you are under invested. You'll use this within the practice. OR you can go in trusting that all the information that is needed will be illuminated within the experience. 

You'll receive both a silence version, as well as a version with Jai Chand and JT's collaborative project "Ripples" specifically the track "Ohm" layered in with the practice available. I'm so excited to have them back (you may rememeber their track "Mah" accompanying the Cancer Season Mama Bear practice).

Art: Cosmic Collage by Lori Mena


 Virgo Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Virgo season came in with a bang! Some of you are feeling motivated to get to work while others are feeling very tired, in a state of overwhelm or paralysis. In either case, your nervous system is getting an adjustment, so it's important to LISTEN and honour where you are at. If your body is calling for rest, REST. If you're procrastinating, do some self reflective work to recogized WHY you are procrastinating and address yourself at that level.

It's time to bring the passions highlighted in Leo Season to life through the hard work of the Virgo. 


This practice is a return to WHOLENESS with an openness to understand how you can be of Service to the Whole.

The 2019 Virgo Astro Nidra is available in Silence AND with The Wong Janice's Cello. This track is called Serenity and is available exclusively through the Daily Insights on Insight Timer.


 Leo Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Leo Season is a great reset as it is some of the most supportive, creative and joy-filled astrology of the year! Leo rules the Heart and it's ruling planet is the SUN! It is time for us to shine.

 Leo's Highest Teaching is to live from your heart's moral compass & lead from LOVE. Leo ignites creativity and this Leo season has a little extra love fro both Jupiter and Uranus which help us manifest for our future.

The Astro Nidra is designed to get you into the consciousness of your heart, to lead with love, to remember your passion and ignite creativity. if finishes with an opportunity to reset your mornings to ensure that you're aligning with the success of your own passionate, creatively driven, heart guided future.  I hope you enjoy!


 2019 Mercury Rx Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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This Mercury Rx is the only one of the year that happens in a fire sign, but then true to the year's Mercury Rx theme, it slips back into a water sign, Cancer for completion.

Leo is ruled by the Sun - The King of the Zodiac
Cancer is ruled by the Moon -  The Divine Mother of the Zodiac 

This is a recalibration of the masculine and feminine within. Check out my blog for more. The Astro Nidra runs from July 7th - 31st + the shadow period until August 15th.

To read more about this Mercury Retrograde period, go here.


 2019 Cancer Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

"The Mama Bear"

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Cancer is a Cardinal Water sign, ruled by the Moon.

This Cancer Season we have Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto all Retrograde as we begin and then July 7th, Mercury starts their Retrograde Journey.

This is a time of attuning to the unconditional love of the Divine Mother, and tapping into your own Mama Bear energy (men too -- think of it as an archetype, we all have it in us). Use this energy to fiercly protect that which is most precious to you, be it a relationship, a project, you focus of your time, attention and love. While this Mama Bear / Divine Mother energy is moving through us and we use it to refocus our attention, allow everything outside of that float away.

Inside this Astro Nidra, you'll have a chance to feel what needs to be felt, to release what needs to be released and recallibrate to what longs to come alive from deep within your creative waters. Love you Astro Nidra Lovers!

Art: Cosmic Collage, by Lori Menna
Music: Ripples "Mah" a Jai Chand + JT Roach collaboration

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 2.59.36 PM.png

 2019 Mars in Cancer Cosmic Walking Meditation

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Mars is the planet of action, traveling in Cancer, we're looking at love in action. 

This Cosmic Walking Meditaiton is designed to work with Mars in Cancer from May 15th - July 1st. 

This is also one of my all time favourite walking meditaitons that I do regularly and recommend fiercely. 

I hope you enjoy it!


 2019 Gemini Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

"Connect with Community"

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Gemini is a Mutable Air sign, ruled by the planet Mercury.

Gemini Astro Nidra is to connect with community.

We are made up of community. The community we belong to and also the community of cells internal to us. They estimate that we are made up of somewhere in the ball park of 50 trillion cells, almost half of which are not our body. Our microbiom is in service to our health, or it can break it down. This astro nidra is to help you connect to your inner community and get all your cells on the same mission.

The astrological weather closer to the end of the month also holds the potential for an extraordinary opening to the subconscious mind and your personal connection with Source. Since the body is the container of the subconscious mind, the more time you spend listening to your inner community, they greater your connection with Source energy. 

This practice will continue to open for you as Gemini Season goes on.

Art: Cosmic Collage, by Lori Menna


 2019 Taurus Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

"Indulge in your Senses"

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Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign, ruled by the planet Venus.

Taurus rules the 5 senses and with Uranus in Taurus for the next seven years, this officially kicks off the awakening of your senses. 


First the Sun conjuncts Uranus, then the moon just before she goes new, then Mercury & Venus make the same transit. 

Thus, in this practice, we indulge in our senses & by doing so, learn to live in a more subtle expression of them. I've often wondered why we call them our Higher Senses, when more accurrately put, they are our Inner Senses. 


Allow this Astro Nidra to take you underneath the noise of the mind and into the wisdom of the subtle body.



 2019 Aries Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign, ruled by the planet Mars

This Aries Season is a little different than the others because we still have three planets in Pisces and Pluto conjunct the south node of the moon. We're being asked to stay in close contact with our intuition and wait for guidance to move forward. You're being asked to release an old outdated belief, inner structure, relationship, safety net, comfort zone... you'll know if you're listening. 

This Aries Season Astro Nidra will help you sort it out and then guide you to believing in yourself and your unique way of being in this world.



Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Brianna Michelle

2019 Pisces Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Pisces is a mutable water sign, ruled by Jupiter in ancient astrology and Neptune in modern astrology.

Pisces is the dreamer, the gateway to the subconsious mind, your portal to the other side. The Tibetans say that if you can wake up inside of your dream, you can awaken in all states. They use Lucid dreaming as a fast track to awakening. Let's use this Pisces Season to refine your ability to remain aware in your dreams.

This year's Pisces astro nidra is the first time I have created a yoga nidra to send you off into sleep space. However, I encourage you to stay with the practice until you hear the cue "The practice of yoga nidra is now complete." After which, I cue you to roll over to your side and drift off into dream land.

The idea behind this Astro Nidra is to teach you how to carry your awareness into dream space so you can develop the skills of lucid dreaming.


album art.JPG

Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Michel Fujikawa

 2019 Aquarius Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Aquarius is a fixed air sign, ruled by Saturn in ancient astrology and Uranus in modern astrology.

This unconventional sign that doesn't play by the rules is the water bearer, yet it isn't a water sign. Some say that Aquarians are time travelers who come to bring wisdom from other times.

This Aquarius Season has all planets traveling direct. It is electric and slightly chaotic out there, especially since we are coming off an intense eclipse season.

This Astro Nidra will help you ground and gain perspective as we tap into the wisdom of the Aquarius archetype.



Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Megan Bakva

2018 Capricorn Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, ruled by Saturn.

Saturn is currently at home in Capricorn giving him greater strength that usual. 

Capricorn is a time of renewed discipline and setting boundaries. A time of getting clear how to bring the big vision from Sagittarius season to life.

This Astro Nidra does just that: aligns you with the structure and form that will support you in bringing your vision to life. Establishing health and loving boundaries and renewing your devotional discipline.


Album Art.jpg

Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Centaur: Charlie Smith

2018 Sagittarius Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, ruled by Jupiter.


Jupiter is traveling through Sagittarius making this an extra special and expansive Sagittarius Season.

Sagittarius season is a time of restoring our faith, understanding and altering our belief system, fine tuning our intuition and purpose. 

As a fire sign, Sagittarius season is here to light our inner fire, our send of adventure and freedom and for some, to set in motion plans to travel to far off places.

This Astro Nidra guides your to expand inner consciousness and get your inner light shining brightly by pointing your arrow of awareness in the direction of your heart's desires.


album art.jpg

Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Alyssa Mattocks

2018 Scorpio Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Scorpio is a fixed water sign, ruled by Mars and Pluto.


Venus is still retrograde and when she stations direct, Mercury will station retrograde

Scorpio is the time o the Shaman, alchemy, transformation through discomfort. It is a time of the underworld and exploring the shadows. This is the time of overcoming! 

As a water sign, this is a time of year you are really asked to honor and feel your emotions and these emotions are the ones you may have been avoiding.

This Astro Nidra guides us through the directions so we can find center and discover the message that's been hiding beneath the surface..

Libra Art.jpg

Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Samuel Lee

2018 Libra Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Libra is a cardinal air sign, ruled by Venus who is going through a retrograde journey.

Libra stands for justice, desires to restore harmony and rules the domain of relationships.

Libra  is political and very diplomatic.

Venus asks us to establish values, know our worth and understand our prosperity comes through love.

This Astro Nidra guides us to that place that is beyond ego, where we can meet in the heart.

It reminds us that we are all connected, that listening to another is to connect to our own heart and gives the tools to help dissolve differences by moving from your Soul.

This one is in silence again. It feels important to have a clear transmission.

Album Art.jpg

Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Sara Ramsey

2018 Virgo Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Virgo is a mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury! This is a time of paying attention to and caring for your mental hygiene. 

Virgo is the virgin, perfection and purity. 

Virgo is a healer, the angelic realm and wholeness.

Virgo is transforming routines into rituals.

Virgo can mean discipline and feels safer within order.

Virgo is a time to cultivate self acceptance, kindness and reverence. Not because it's natural, but because we get to dance with the inner critic while learning a new way to live inside of your nervous system.

Virgos like to know all the details, so I shared a little extra about what is happening inside the practice at the beginning. There is a breath practice near the beginning. A little different than Leo Season's breath.

This Virgo Season Yoga Nidra is with a silent background intentionally as a way to honour the tradition and that purity that is accessible during this sun season. 

album art.jpg

Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Charles Smith

2018  Leo Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

to get both silent and with sound in one download click here

Leo is a fixed fire sign, ruled by the Sun connecting us with our Source of Love! We also have the third eclipse of this eclipse series at the new moon.

Leo Season is the time of the Lion's Gate and this year a potent eclipse portal and 6 - 7 retrogrades. Deep, life changing work on the most subtle plane while our communication systems are receiving an upgrade. Listening practices have never been more important as we go inward to connect with our Soul's purpose and as again, who am I? 

Within this practice we reactivate our light bodies, move toward emptiness and dream our greatest dream in alignment with our Soul's purpose into reality.

If you can do this one in a quiet space outside, go for it and really let the light waves enhance the practice! (just be mindful of time of day or over exposure to the sun. I'm doing it in a slightly shaded area where the light is there, but not direct.

Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Donata Boston

2018 Cancer Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

to get both silent and with sound in one download click here

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, ruled by the Moon making it a really moony moon! We also have a partial solar eclipse at the new moon.

Cancer Season is the time of the Mother. It's time to heal the Mother wound, connect with the Divine Mother, cultivate self nurturing and self love. In this Yoga Nidra practice, you'll cultivate loving awareness throughout the practice, self acceptance in the opposites as well as emotional independance and courageous intimacy. During the visualizations, you'll connect to the Divine Mother within your maternal lineage. 


Because of the depth of this practice, go in with an open heart and a willingness to release some old programs. Try it a few times to appreciate the depth..

Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Humberto Le Pelch

 2018 Gemini Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

to get both silent and with sound in oneᵀ download click here

Gemini is a mutable air sign, ruled by Mercury meaning that it is a time of the mind and the intellect. Gemini is the twin archetype: The higher mind and the lower mind, the play of polarities in order to rediscover union. It is typically a social time, yet this round there are three retrograde planets and we're gearing up to have six planets Rx by July 4th. Since there are so many retrogrades, you may not feel as social as Gemini season will usually lead you, so we'll activate this social energy inward to gather your luminaries and merge with their wisdom in the visualization portion of the practice.


This Yoga Nidra will also help to sharpen you cognative abilities AND practice sustaining the state of yoga nidra for greater amounts of time.  


It is recommended to practice this one a number of times as each time, you'll deepen the experience.

There is no astrology to introduce this practice. It starts with getting comfortable. This is how they will be from now on.

2018 Taurus Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

to get both silent and with sound in one download click here

Taurus Season is about grounding and remembering your worth. The full moon in Scorpio has the medicine of a break through in it. This comes with just enough stress to make sure you're paying attention. Make sure that you take advantage of this time by grounding yourself and getting on the inside of your experience so you can discover what is underneith.

The other significant shift during Taurus Season is the movement of Chiron from Pisces into Aries -- this will cause a significant shift in how your relate to your wounds. Time to turn your pain into passion.

We are also preparing from Uranus to move from Aries into Taurus as the moon returns to new on May 15th. This is a resetting of your nervous system. 

This Nidra addresses all of it. Tune it. Practice it at least once a week and watch how the practice shifts as the planets move.

There is no astrology to introduce this practice. It starts with getting comfortable. This is how they will be from now on.

Collages by Jess Wells 

Photography by DJ Pierce

Model: Jacobie Gray

 2018 Aries Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

with healing soundscape

in silence

This Yoga Nidra for Aries Season begins by unplugging yourself from everything that is not yours and continues with a practice of returning to your own unique energy signature called your home frequency. In the Quantum studies, they have found that the energy signature of each individual is as unique as your finger print. This home frequency holds the codes to your purpose, your gifts and your inner healer -- yet there are so few practices that guide you right into the center of this Source. This yoga nidra takes you there.

It begins with a 5 minute astrology update for this cycle -- if you would like to skip it and get straight to the nidra, skip ahead until 4:38. This one has silence in the background. The one with sound will be released shortly.

Collages by Jess Wells, Photography by DJ Pierce

Collages by Jess Wells, Photography by Alison Love

2018 Pisces Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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This Nidra for Pisces Season is a practice of surrender and healing your inner child. This year's Pisces season contains a high likelyhood of being triggered and makes a request that you pull your energy inward to repair and then create. This nidra will support the energies of this time.

This nidra has silence in the back ground rather than a sound scape. I am hoping to hear from you about the experience. As I explore the practice in deeper ways, I am noticing that silence is really nice. In the future, I am considering an option that has sound and another that has silence. Feel free to share you preference with me.

Collages by Jess Wells, Photography by Alison Love


2018 Aquarius Season Astro Nidraᵀᴹ

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Within this session we go visit our future self and make a request to pray for ourself. The concept was inspired by a study Dr. Joe Dispenza shares in his book "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself" 

When I first guided this session, something else came in and guided me. As I was preparing to work on the Aquarius Season Nidra, one of the student of the recent 300 hour YTT in Croatia randomly texted our group to share that she had just done the nidra. I honestly didn't remember guiding it, yet when I went to listen, it was perfect for this time.


Once you do the nidra, you'll understand with even more clarity why.

The pay-what-you-want starting at $7 rate will be valid through my website until the end of the current Astrological Season. Afterward, they will still be available for download at $11.

Nidra Sound Design by Geoff Agosti

Please enjoy

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Reconnect + Expand Persepctive
{Aquarius Season Astro Nidra 2017}


Reclaim Your Power
{Pisces Season Astro Nidra 2017}
**this is Mark's voice, not mine**


Remember Who you Are
 Season Astro Nidra 2017}


Grounding into Wisdom
{Taurus Season Astro Nidra 2017}



My husband and I just did your yoga nidra. A mere 35 minutes later, I feel like I just attended a weekend healing workshop!

- Andrea, LMFT, CA

What I absolutely love about Jana, and which is without a doubt why her astro nidras are so extraordinary, is the depth of inner work she constantly reaches for in herself on her own path. This is a woman who walks her talk, who is perpetually growing wiser, transmuting and alchemizing with the most nurturing love and attention, every single thing that comes along the way. 


With each new layer she discovers in herself, her powerful limbic system makes it not just possible, but easeful, for us to meet her there, to feel the wonder of a new dimension, within the framework of our own bodies, while laying in meditation, perhaps thousands of miles away (as is the case with me). 


To be held by her voice and her presence is deeply healing. I recommend these nidras to all of my clients, and especially if you do not have experience with meditation, it's a wonderful place to start.

Antesa Jensen, Founder, Adventure Awake (

I have done this now morning and night for 3 days and each time I learn and see more in the visualizations. Beautiful voice, gentle guidance. An absolute treasure uncovered!

- Bob, Canmore, AB 

Jana Roemer

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