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Capricorn New Moon Eclipse

{art: Lori Menna / @Cosmiccollage }

Every year during Capricorn Season, I have an uncontrollable urge to get down to business. This is a BIGGER one than usual as there is so much action happening in Capricorn.

Today’s New Moon Solar Eclipse is on the South Node in Capricorn. This is one of those ‘no looking back’ moments, the key is clarity on where you are headed and what you are an authority on, which is the culmination of all the work we’ve been doing in 2019. For some of you, you’ll see it as the culmination of a decade. For others you’re recognizing the deeply karmic call to step deeper into your Dharma (your life’s purpose). You recognize that it’s not just this life that you’ve worked for your Mastery, but many lifetimes and it’s almost like you’ve been following the clues you’ve been leaving for yourself to get you here now. And if you keep paying attention, you’ll see there are many more clues continuing to guide you. You can tell because there is no “try,” the path feels like home, like you are being Divinely guided. If this is you, there is good chance that you’re feeling responsible not to squander this life by stepping up. Yet at the same time, you do recognize it is a choice. So what are you going to do? Make bold moves to settle more deeply into your Soul Source and follow the path laying before you? Or stay in the safe zone and keep going as you are.

We’re being asked to simplify. To do less in order to achieve more. To move out of being a jack of all trades & into your Mastery. Set your sights on that Mastery! It’s 2020 vision time!

With all this action in Capricorn, it’s not about doing it all at once either. It’s about holding the big vision and then taking the responsible path of setting practical, achievable goals by breaking the year up into smaller sections and outlining the goals along the way. Especially with Mars at the tail end of his conjunction with Saturn and Pluto giving us a favorable taste of what’s to come when they conjunct & square in 2020. Passions ignite as your imagination gives you a penetrating view into your future, energizing you to show up with integrity and in your power.

Jupiter is conjunct this new moon, the first new moon since he moved into Capricorn & the moon is in Capricorn - it’s a big deal. Invest your time, attention & energy into what you are building this year & as we enter the renewals of all these cycles to increase the boost Jupiter can give you. Key Jupiter dates to include in your goal setting are: April 4th, June 30th & November 12th — these are pay days for your efforts.

The New Moon is trine Uranus meaning that we’re still in this energy of the revolution. Ideas popping out of no where might ask you to rebel from the way things have always been and have breaking long standing patterns. Things can change quickly, spontaneously & even carry a shock factor. As you see an alternative path, be ready to let the old go.

Uranus is really interesting right now. He moves very slowly, especially now. The Chandra Symbol he’s sitting at is called “The Sleepwalker” where the lessons and the teacher live inside accessible through dream state or dream like states (Yoga Nidra!!). Here we are being lead from the darkness into the light. Pay attention.

Uranus governs currency too, so make the right moves now to set yourself for a boost in your income. On the flip, if you’re sloppy now, it could get sloppy too.

I know it’s Christmas Day, but it’s worth it to take a moment to write out your vision. Break down your goals for the year. Maybe even make a vision board. Tell someone. Depending on where this lands in your chart, you can get even more specific. Anything that isn't helping you achieve your goals, or didn't make it on your vision board... LET IT GOOOOO!!! No sense in carrying around the extra weight!

The last couple year’s astrology has been building to this year. If you’re not abiding by your inner authority it could get a little messy - I’ve been warning you! This requires some bone deep listening. All Cardinal signs will feel this with a little more Umph than others (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn). Earth signs have more support during this season and just might be able to kick into action (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn).

The Capricorn Astro Nidra is designed to help you awaken your Divine Ear. Think of it like your third eye, but your third ear! The smallest bone in your body is in your ear drum. Your bones play an integral role in listening. This Astro Nidra takes you into a listening practice that is at a bone deep level, then through that listening you allow your bones to adjust slightly to align with that Soul Messaging or the messages from your Divine Ear helping you by getting your inner structure in line with that message / your path. Since Jupiter is in Capricorn, this is a practice you can come back to all year long, doing it multiple times during Capricorn season will set you up for a good year of trusting your inner wisdom. You can think of it like loading the maps before beginning your drive to ensure you're on the right path.

Download it here.

Oh! And I wanted to share this video with you. It's SO interesting. The astrology of these holiday times.

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