New Moon in Aries

(graphic by AWMYL designs) If last month we were having a Pisces party — watch out! It is an Aries meet up like no other Along with the Sun + Moon in Aries, we have Venus, Uranus and Mercury! This is a LOT of fire. Plus, Saturn is sitting at 27° Sag, so a little more fire for our flame. The Sun and the moon are sitting at 7° Aries. The Sabian symbol of 7° Aries of a double headed eagle with heads facing in opposite directions. It is telling of a beautiful and expansive eagle eye vision and perspective to help you remain focused on where you are heading and what you are consciously creating, while the shadow side of you reflects and learns from where you have been. It is important to maintain

Full Moon in Virgo, Sun in Pisces

This is a powerful lunation. The moon in Virgo, the virgin, the healer, the organizer, the one who can’t help themselves to take care of all the details and fix anything that needs fixing. This earthy virgin is also one of the most highly intellectual signs of the zodiac, where Pisces is the mystic. With the Sun in Pisces, the dreamer, the watery intuitive, the escape artist, this Full Moon is an experience of initiation. This Full Moon is also here to ground those Pisces dreams into reality. Both Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs – so that means change. Observe how water changes the shore over time. Water can even turn a mountain into sand. When these two team up with mutual respect and ad

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