Mercury Retrograde in Leo + Cancer 2019

{art: Lori Menna / Cosmic Collage} {Mercury Rx Astro Nidra is ready for you here} July 7th 4:15pm Mercury stations Retrograde (Rx) at 4°28 Leo while the moon is void of course. July 19th12:06am, Rx Mercury slides back into Cancer, just before the Sun moves into Leo July 31st 8:58pm, shortly after the new moon in Leo Mercury stations direct Mercury, the changing intellect takes only 88 days to travel around the sun, so we typically see three (sometimes four) Mercury Retrogrades a year. This is the only one this year in a fire sign, the rest of Mercury’s Rx journeys are in water signs. Mercury does dip back into Cancer during this Rx period so it'll stay true to it's water sign Rx mission for

Cancer New Moon Eclipse & more...

{Art by Lori Menna / Cosmic Collage} When a moon is expressed in Eclipse energy, its power is magnified 10 fold. Cancer rules the Moon, the Moon rules are emotions, our intuition, our past and all that we hold most dear. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, sure to stir up our emotional sensitivities. You may remember that last Cancer New Moon was also an eclipse, but the North Node was still in Leo. It was a teaser for what’s to come. You may remember me chatting about a redistribution of power from the central heads to the hearts of the people & redistribution of power through alternative power and banking systems during the Leo / Aquarius eclipse cycle. In this Cancer / Capricorn eclipse cycl

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