Full Moon in Taurus

The perfect message from this full moon ☝🏼 The Taurus full moon peaked this morning with a grand cross in fixed signs meaning that we’re meant to sit in this for a minute and really feel what’s going on under the surface. Once you see what wants to be seen, you'll be like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Don't settle for almost there... This is your chance to find the root of what holds you back. We are supported and grounded by Saturn’s reminder that you DO know yourself {see, Saturn’s not all bad – it’s a good life plan to befriend Saturn} The Sun at 1 ° Scorpio conjunct Venus Rx opposite the Full Moon at 1 ° Taurus conjunct Uranus Rx The north node and south node are at 1 ° Leo and 1 °

Libra Season Update: current astrology

Collage: Jess Wells Photography: DJ Pierce Libra Man: Sam Lee Libra Season Astro Nidra My apologies for not blogging about Libra season and the Libra new moon beyond my Instagram posts. My attention has been channeled into a couple rather large creative projects and I just couldn't fit it all in. Instagram is always a good place to catch the quick notes! {I've included those Insta updates here in case you want to catch up, otherwise skip past the italics for the new stuff!} Oct 8th Libra Season is ruled by Venus who is Rx in Scorpio until the end of October. Libra is a cardinal sign which means initiation + wow: we are in the midst of a global initiation. Libra is ruled by Venus who is Rx in

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