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Sagittarius Season 2019

Collage: Lori Menna / @CosmicCollage

The astrology of Sagittarius Season is really interesting.

We have Mercury in Scorpio retracing the steps of this intense Mercury Rx we just finished (or are we finished?). Mercury leaves the shadow phase on Dec 7th & then moves into Sagittarius Dec 9th and will be digging for truth and then holding that truth against our belief systems & streams of higher learning - which is all up for inspection. Remember: Belief are Blocks.

After meeting up with expansive Jupiter at the Galactic Center in sag (offering us an opportunity to take out our cosmic trash into the Black Hole at the center of our galaxy), Venus moves into Capricorn on Monday, November 25th, bringing a slightly more serious tone to our relationships and pathways of prosperity. It’s a time for Venus to establish mastery through defining what relationship & prosperity look like in structure and form.

Mars kicks the season off opposite Uranus with perhaps a surprise which can either destabilize us or be the kick we need to re-awaken to our passion & purpose, and travels in Scorpio until the new year. This ignites a sense of determination to do something about or with the lessons we learned in this past Mercury Rx / Scorpio season. By tapping into Scorpio’s mysterious nature, Mars can accomplish quite a bit as we close out the year with quiet determination. Instead of leaking energy talking about what you’re up to, build inner power by taking action and only talking about it once you’re complete or ready to share your master piece. (Check out the Cosmic Walking Meditation for help with this!!)

Nov 24th - Venus / Jupiter conjunction at the Galactic Center & Mars opposite Uranus

Nov 25th - Moon Void of Course in Scorpio from 9:30am - just after midnight

Nov 26th - New Moon in Sagittarius

Nov 27th - Neptune Stations Direct

Nov 29th - Moon in Capricorn joins Saturn and Pluto conjunction

Nov 29th - Moon Void of Course in Capricorn from 8pm until 12:15pm on the 30th

Dec 2nd - Jupiter moves into Capricorn + Moon Void of Course in Aquarius from 4:30am - 11pm

Dec 3rd - Quarter Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune

Dec 5th - Moon Void of Course in Pisces from 12:15am - 11:45am

Dec 7th - Moon Void of Course in Aries from 7am - 11:30pm

Dec 9th - Mercury moves into Sagittarius + Moon Void of Course in Taurus from 5:15pm - 8:45am on the 10th

Dec 11th - Full Moon in Gemini

Dec 12th - Chiron Stations Direct

Dec 14th - Moon Void of Course in Cancer from 8am - 8pm

Dec 16th - Moon Void of Course in Leo from 2:10pm - 11:15pm

Dec 19th - Venus moves into Aquarius

The Sagittarius New Moon at 4* Sag has no major aspects, so we get to look at ruling planet, Jupiter for more information. Jupiter is in his final stretch in Sagittarius where we have seen expansion, but also excess & extremes unfold. In some cases, disguised as a greater good movement and others in our own actions. Yet what has been shown is that beliefs are strong and often create blocks to a Higher Understanding of reality, leaving many people questioning: What is reality?! And what is this reality we’ve collectively created?! Is this even real? How did we get here?!

Sagittarius begs us to remember that we are experiencing the Human Condition & to overcome this conditioned experience, we need to remember that we are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience. To adventure into worlds beyond programs and beliefs is our only chance at freedom! Otherwise these beliefs, programs and conditions that are at the hallmark of the human experience will keep us small & trapped in this illusionary reality we have constructed.

When we remember that we are so much more than this Human body & this human, programmable mind and venture into the unknown dimensions, we can cultivate our own straight line connection with Source! The Ultimate Truth & Freedom! Use the centaurs arrow to pierce through the illusions / beliefs / stories / thinking mind into the Infinite possibilities & potentials that we can live out!

The most challenging part of this is recognizing that even the beliefs that benefit us are as great of an illusion as the beliefs that hold us back. And I find myself questioning: how deep do we go to find the bottom of the belief barrel? I’ve heard great seekers of truth such as Adyashanti say that with a true awakening it can feel like the base of life falls out beneath you. Do we really want to go that deep? Are we brave & adventurous enough to really go there?

I guess this is the fullest, most complete surrender there is! And in this is the deepest trust in ourselves to know that no matter what, we’re supported by the unexplainable & going to be okay.

Jupiter moves away from home in Sagittarius into Capricorn where he’ll spend the next year expanding what you’re building & meeting up with the destructive Pluto / Saturn party in Capricorn 💥 (Mars gets in there too! Watch out!). Whatever you expanded with Jupiter in Sag now gets built into form with Jupiter in Capricorn.

Saturn and the outer planets stay in their signs, but Neptune & Chiron station direct - Neptune right after the new moon & Chiron the day after the full moon in Gemini. Stay tuned.

When I was doing the astrology for the 2020 Attune to the Moon Calendar (yess!! It’s coming!!), I noticed this theme resurface a number of times: We are being shown where we have been lied to, miseducated, fed fake news / propaganda - but because of all the censorship, it’s not right in front of us. We have to dig for it. Yet the moment we dig, we realize it’s right in front of us, we just couldn’t see it! Beliefs are STRONG. Beliefs are BLOCKS.

So we have to pay attention. We have to learn how to FEEL our way into knowing truth.

I recently learned that the opposite of belief is truth 🤯

That means that our beliefs keep us from knowing truth.

That means that we have to be able to recognize our beliefs to begin to recognize truth.

That means we have to be able to see ourselves in a really profound way.

The layers of belief are deep!

There are personal beliefs, family beliefs, educational beliefs, societal beliefs, cultural beliefs, etc.

All of which keep us from knowing Absolute Truth!

One of the easiest ways to chip away at cultural beliefs is to travel to a foreign land and see how they live & how it’s different from you. Sometimes we don’t have to go that far to have that experience.

We can learn a new perspective to help us grow past personal beliefs. It’s one of my favorite parts of running trainings: to show another way to see the world / understand how the mind works / dive into the quantum & watch people’s beliefs blow up and an expanded understanding of reality unfold.

This Sagittarius Season is setting us up to be able to blow up the beliefs that are holding us back from truth, or at the very least, limiting our potential. Every time we even recognize a belief within ourselves, we grow. Then to adopt a new Higher Understanding changes everything.

This Sagittarius Astro Nidra is to help with this process!

Enjoy this Sagittarius Season and choose to transform through Joy and Adventure. We are moving toward some very interesting times. The work you do now prepares you for that future!

Love you Moon Lovers!

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