Virtual Yoga Nidra Training

Next one: Spring 2022

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We are in the age of information. There has never been a more important time in your life to be connected to your inner wisdom and agency. With so many messages coming in from all different perspectives, an anchor into your Essential Self is one of the most valuable tools you could cultivate within yourself. As you nurture an intimate relationship with your Ancient and Infinite Self, you know what and how to trust by how it feels.

The ancient practice of Yoga Nidra does just that. 

It's nearly impossible to explain to someone what the practice of Yoga Nidra is exactly, yet once your awareness surfs into that luminal state of Yoga Nidra, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Inside of the state of Yoga Nidra, you have the opportunity to witness your subconscious mind, unravel stories, release history and access a creative power that is unparalleled.

There is so much more to this practice!

We'll talk about it in the course.

If you're here, you've likely spent time in that precious and illuminating space and feel compelled to share the practice with others.


This training is for those who want to develop a deeper understanding of Yoga Nidra and its potential while amplifying the benefit of your practice, as much as it is for those who want to lead it. As guides of this practice, your experience with it directly informs your ability to lead it for others. 


We begin this journey in Scorpio Season, supporting us for deep transformation and as we shift into the second part, the sun shifts into Sagittarius Season - helping us illuminate and re-write belief systems and while connecting more deeply with Source Wisdom. The timing is magic!

Key Dates:

November 1st ~ doors open for Module 1, 2 + 3

pre-recorded content 

November 19 - 21st ~ Live Zoom Weekend *

November 22nd ~ doors open for Module 4 + 5

pre-recorded content 

December 3 - 5th ~ Live Zoom Weekend *

December 10, 11 OR 12th - You'll choose a practicum session **

January 10th - Practicum due + closing circle

The Schedule:

* Zooms are required attendance for certification 

** practicum details below


Live Zoom Sessions:

8am - 1pm PST / 5 - 10pm CEST

Part 1 ~ Live Certification Sessions - ZOOM - Nov 19 - 21st

This part is all about YOU and deepening YOUR experience with the practice to build intimacy with your Inner Genius & your Infinite and Ancient Nature.

This is more mystical in nature.

Part 2 ~ Live Certification Sessions - ZOOM - Dec 3 - 5th

A deep dive into what is happening behind the curtain to learn how to guide the practice. Modern and traditional perspectives will be shared to help you understand why and empower you to lead powerful practices.

This is more intellectual in nature - but it always cycles back around into the mystical ;-)

Part 3 ~ Break Out Sessions/Practicum 

Intention: Integration & support from incredible practicum guides to help you through your practicum. 

Pre-recorded Content:

This content will be available in two waves.

Modules 1, 2 + 3 open November 1st

Modules 4 + 5 open November 21st

 In the live sessions, I may ask you questions to check in with your understanding of this material.


There is a practicum that must be completed in order to be certified.

You will be required to submit:

~ a written script

~ a recorded script

~ complete a quiz

~ a short book report

due January 9th, 2022

What's in it for you?

This training is a chance for you to recommit to your own self care, creativity, healing and rest. You'll have a chance to reconnect with your Inner Genius and your Inner Mystic. It should be noted that this isn't an Astro Nidra training, but I will be bringing the Astrology into the live sessions. This is a prerequisite for the Astro Nidra trainings coming in the future.

This online training includes more than 60 hours in total, combining pre-recorded material + 7 live zoom sessions with Jana + support teachers

You will be equipped to guide Yoga Nidra and write your own yoga nidra scripts upon completion of this course

Join us from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home

You'll have access to these recordings and practices as long as the course lives online.

If there are upgrades to the current course, you will have access to those upgrades as well.


Can be added as continuing hours with Yoga Alliance

(if you really think that helps in any way whatsoever)


"Training with Jana was a rebirth experience. For a week it felt like I lived in a parallel reality, one where my Soul was ignited, my intellect stimulated and my inner child soothed. Jana has so much wisdom and she share it with so much passion. The way she holds space is incredible. The way she carefully creates content and experience is amazing. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to study with such a goddess and urge anyone who feels the call to dive into the subconscious to reach out to Jana"

~ Tamara McLellan ~

"It's hard to formulate words for what this experience woke up within me. I went through every wave of emotion, deep into old resurfacing shadows and floated in waves of creativity and softness. It's provided an abundance of information and insight not only for the practice of Yoga Nidra but for Breathwork and Reiki as well. It has really brought a deep richness to my heart and has soothed something in my mind. The way you teach Jana with such devoted studentship and a genuine love for this practice, enlivens it in a way that no one else quite can. Thank you for taking the time to share your presence and your wisdom and your studentship and your giggle. You better believe I'll be recommending this course to everyone."

~ Michelle Baker ~

"Absolutely loved the online format. If I had to do this in person there is no way I would have absorbed as much as I did. I do wish we could have had some practices and shares in person to meet everyone and be in the aura of this precious and loving group. Having the lectures in thinktific is bon appetite! It solidified how I learn."

~ Ashlin Jackson ~



~ ethics 

~ the basic template of a Yoga Nidra practice

~ theory / why?

~ witnessing principle

~ the nature of the mind

~ the nervous system

~ neurology as relevant to the practice (brain wave states, neuroplasticity of the brain, etc)

~ subconscious programming / samskaras

~ limiting beliefs

~ emotions

~ scriptwriting and language

~ practicum

~ music selection

Plus more.



Jana Roemer has thirteen years of experience leading trainings. Her facilitation foundation was built on running 200 hr and 300hr YTT's amongst other trainings, eventually honing in to exclusively facilitate Yoga Nidra trainings in her own, most authentic voice. 

She works in intuitive and loving ways to help coax your truth to the surface. You will receive personal coaching, participate in group discussions and refine your skills as a nidra guide through a teaching practicum and an optional post-training mentorship. 


This training is rooted in traditional Yoga Nidra styles which follow the koshas as a map to the practice, enhanced by her time in advanced studies with Dr. Joe Dispenza and time tracked inside the practice where the practice itself informs the path.

Her intention is to create a deeply personal experience that will help to clear blockages and allow you time to explore your inner landscape so the practice speaks for itself. This training will set you up to guide yoga nidra practices with confidence. 

Tuition / Investment: 

This course is $1111 USD.

To create more inclusivity, we are implementing three tiers of tuition options:

The Assist ~ those needing a little financial assistance can access the course for $925

Regular Tuition - a fair course rate for this training is $1111

The Offer ~ Those enjoying abundance can access the course for $1279

What we have observed is that the community takes care of each other this way. 


We have three full scholarships available. Preference will go to BIPOC's. To apply, click here. Scholarship applications close Oct 31st, 2021

Canadians have the option to pay via e-transfer, please email to set that up rather than register here.

Payment plans available. Email: to organize - please state which course you're referring to when you email.

Cancellation Policy:
no refunds. 

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Jana Roemer