New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

The Sun and the New Moon sit at 8* in Pisces along with a Solar Eclipse. This Solar Eclipse marks the end of a two year eclipse cycle involving Pisces which inevitably leads to the beginning of a new two year eclipse cycle involving Leo and Aquarius. In two weeks time we are heading toward the Virgo Full Moon. This Pisces - Virgo polarity is about initiation. They are opposites. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Virgo is a mutable earth sign I’ve heard mutable signs described as portals as they are full of transformation. Nothing is the same after a journey through the mutables, especially Pisces. Don’t try to hold on to anything during this moon cycle, find a way to get in the flow. Pisces is

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 2017

We are in eclipse season! This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo is a BIG one! We are in the mists of mega energy upgrades. Rest, meditate, cleanse and create space in your inner world. If you are feeling off, lay down, breathe, do nidra, sleep. Make sure you are nourishing yourself in every way. Let these energies work on you, just like you would allow the magic of pregnancy work on you, transform you and welcome new life. What you are focusing on now will be amplified. Apply self-discipline to your thought patterns, focus and participation in relationships. Eclipses launch your thoughts, desires and dreams. The accelerate time. We can use this energy portal how ever we want. It is neither goo

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