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Virgo Full Moon | Sun in Pisces | Mercury Stations Direct

♍︎ Virgo Full Moon | Sun in Pisces ♓︎ | 19°37’ | Supermoon

March 9th at 10:47am PST

Mutable Earth - Feminine

Ruled by Mercury ☿+ Chiron

Lives in the digestive system + interacts with the autonomic nervous system.

Shadow side of Virgo: worry + anxiety, obsessive tendencies, nit picking, critical mind

Neutral: Cautious, awareness of physical health, daily routines, practicality, groundedness, the harvest

Light Side: Healer, Self Mastery, to be in Service, hard working, purity

The ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is stationed, getting ready to go direct 10 hours after this full moon, putting even more emphasis on today. It truly is a pregnant pause to gather information so we can heal before taking action.

Mercury rules the mind, thoughts, all expressions of mental energy, over active mind, travel, commerce. This is a great time for revolutionary ideation, with Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus in a loose square to Saturn + Pluto in Capricorn.

The sun + Neptune sit together opposite this Full Moon. Neptune could take us down or build us up, depending how we tap into the Neptunian energy, that is, are you running love or fear through your system. Each of these emotions come with their own codes & whichever you choose to run through your system is coding your subconscious mind & will take root, effecting you for some time to come.

Neptune can dissolve all boundaries - the veil between worlds, the conscious + unconscious mind, spreading thoughts, ideas, creativity, health, dreams through the population.

Be sure to check in with yourself about what you’re expanding within: love or fear?

Ask: Will my thoughts, words + actions hurt or heal?

Neptune conjunct the sun, opposite the moon will enhance your dreams. All kinds of dreams.

And with 7 planets in Earth Signs, it is the perfect time to ground those dreams into reality, with the support of your invisible team.

This Virgo Full Moon wants you to revisit your daily routines + rituals. It wants you to find the sacred in the mundane. It wants you to acknowledge your fears, but step forward in love. It wants pragmatism + practicality & a healthy dose of reality. It wants you to take a critical look at your life + adjust your routine thoughts, words + actions so that you are in alignment with your dreams & taking the steps toward making them a reality.

It would be wrong if I didn’t mention that the moon is trine all this Capricorn action - mars, Jupiter, Pluto + Saturn and the sun + Neptune is sextile all the same planets. When Pluto + Saturn met in January, we changed the course of how the present is unfolding into the future. The structure + form of this funny Human game we are playing is transforming in profound ways. The rules are changing. We’re only beginning to understand what that means, yet this moon helps us integrate that on a deep, almost unseen level + we are getting messages through our dreams + intuition on what’s to come. There’s nothing to fear, but this type of change is happening slowly on such a deep level that it likely won’t be clear for a while (years, if not a decade or more), yet there may be a little bump of intuition around next moves infused deep within our systems along with this moon + it’s up to us listen & use those messages to co-create the vision of this future reality.

Be sure to rest, & rest deeply so you can dream. Put forth the intention to remember your dreams upon waking. Write them down.

There might feel like a wobble or a warp in the field today. Stabilize yourself + observe rather than getting caught up in it.

The Virgo Astro Nidra I’m recommending is from a couple years ago. It’s The Healer. We need to do everything we know to keep our immune systems strong, our daily habits exalting our health & keep yourself away from excess. If you don't have that much time, visit the Mercury Rx in Pisces practice today for sure. It's 22 minutes long and takes you right into day dream space.

You know you’re on the right track by how it feels. Pause long enough to tune in. It’s time to heal.

Love you Astro Lovers!

** Remember that the Astro Journal is ready for you now! It's a great companion to your new moon circles and rituals as there is room to write your new moon intentions each lunar cycle and you'll have them all in one place! Each Sun Season has education, new + full moon insights + journal questions as well as an unconventional calendar for each sun season with notation of the void of course moons so you can plan for your downtime and self care with ease. Order yours this week so you have it in time for the Astro New Year at Aries Season! **

~ Jana

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