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Mars Stations Direct

Mars, the God of War, has finally stationed direct this past Wednesday, June 29, at 4:39pm PST. This planet's personality is feisty + direct. He gets shit done. He builds courage, will power and strength. Traveling retrograde since April 17th, he shared his frustrations, waged war on the egoic mind, evoked anger + rage. Severed ties, created boundaries in defense of wounds, activated insensitivities, insecurities + selfishness, leaving discord + destruction in his path. His consort, Venus, the only one said to be able to c

alm him down, is hidden behind the sun as she journeys into the underworld for a psychic renewal of her own.

The days around stationing direct can be some of the most intense. Let the dust settle, put down your weapons + wait.

Breathe. It is time to make peace, ease your defenses, set aside your ego and embody your Highest and best. Own your role in the discord, call yourself out on your bullshit in the kindest and most non-judgmental way possible and do what you know in your heart you need to do to return the peace, yet with a new form. Let your creative imagination soar to create new solutions, new alignments, new worlds, new ways of being that calls a truce on the battles that have been waged in these past months. Mars may have gone out of retrograde, yet unless your every thought, word and action is peacefully of the heart, it may not quite be time to take action yet. Wait until the charge has completely diminished from your body/field.

Venus will return from her journey to the underworld mid-July to sooth the war wounds and offer a motherly, loving perspective that the wounded child can't quite see yet. Be so soft and gentle with yourself. Drop any judgments + separateness. Recognize the other as a mirror + that the battle is always internal, no matter what the external illusion is. If you're activated, it's yours, perhaps karmically working out your own shit in tandem with each other, in which case, thank them for being your guide through the dark night of your own Soul, to uncover + clean up what is necessary for your own awakening. Saturn (the punisher, yet teacher of maturity and self-discipline) is still retrograde until Aug 13th.

Until then, this new moon is asking you to get honest with yourself: What was/is your role on the battlefield? Are you speaking from ego or essence? How can you tend to your own wounds so you no longer speak from them? What will it take to truly return to the light of your Highest Self?

If you look up at the sky, you can see bright red Mars up there every night. He has been the closest he ever gets to us over the past few weeks traveling along side with us during this retrograde. We are finally starting to get some space from his intense energy. The closer the planet it, the bigger the effect it has on us. Besides the moon, Venus will be second closest to us in outer space at times. Yet as Mars is riding along right beside us, Venus is as far away as she can possibly be from Earth on the other side of the sun. Creating a big imbalance of a LOT of masculine energy and not very much feminine energy.

To be continued with Venus energy...

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