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Taurus Season

♉︎ Taurus Season ♉︎ I’ve been waiting a long time for this Taurus Season.

We are in full activation mode.

Typically, Taurus Season is about slowing down, becoming more present, indulging in your senses, planting seeds while honoring the Earth (Earth Day is in Taurus Season) by getting out and restoring your relationship with nature.

Taurus is a feminine, fixed earth sign. It’s not so much a time for change, rather a time to ground in and refine what you started in Aries Season. There is a level of determination that is unparalleled (besides perhaps in Scorpio Season, Taurus’ opposite).

Ruled by Venus, Taurus is the protector of the well being of the people, the gatekeeper of money and the diehard romantic.

Taurus Season is the time of year that you return to and re-establish your values.

Taurus lives in the five senses, which translates into an indulgent snuggle bug who likes to eat good food, listen to good music, can identify their partner by how they smell and have a way with words.

Yet this Taurus Season, we are in this intense activation portal that lasts all year AND Uranus is at 6° Taurus.

Uranus and Taurus are pretty opposite.

Taurus likes things slow and predictable and resists change.

Uranus likes quick spontaneity, unpredictability and the unconventional.

Taurus likes tradition.

Uranus is a rebellious innovator.

When these two get together it can be disorienting, confusing and leave one feeling unsettled.

Taurus rules our senses, where information runs through our nervous system to the chemical systems to create a response in the body.

Uranus rules our nervous system which is in constant dialogue with our endocrine system - with the ability to awaken new potentials here (hello physic senses!)

Taurus rule the earth in our body.

Uranus is lightening fast awakening.

This is the upgrade of our lifetime with regard to how we run electricity through our bodies and awaken our psychic senses. Our light body is awakening.

Taurus rules our assets, money and material goods.

Uranus governs technologies with electricity running through them. Currency. There is an overlap here.

Many astrologers have predicted financial upheavals and change while Uranus is in Taurus.

Luckily for us, we are being supported by these stay-at-home measures to continue the journey within. If you did the work in Aries Season to face yourself and start that inward journey like a yogi in a cave, you are likely finding a new rhythm, or at lease — you’re craving it. You want steadiness, ease, rest and rhythm. You can have it.

We are being supported by the planets with FOUR planets initiating a retrograde journey this Taurus Season: Pluto, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter. More slowing down.

More slowing down means even greater chances of finding syntropy within yourself that has 100% of yourSelf organizing around one central focus.

When you find that syntropy, EVERYTHING in existence will organize around that. The entire Universe can open up to you. This is where the full activation happens.

Just like a house plant that has grown out of it’s pot and needs to be repotted to survive and thrive, the destabilizing nature of Uranus is re-potting us. We need to pull up our own roots, till the soil and replant our roots into soil that provides nutrients in a whole new way.

Uranus is here to shake off everything that is holding you back from that experience of syntropy.

This Taurus Season our homework is to unplug from the narrative, unplug from the old way of operating, unplug from expectations and responsibilities that are not aligned with our true calling in this life. Let it be sudden, forceful, rapid, shocking and wild. We are in an acceleration - don’t resist it. Our homework is to return to our values, return to full presence - the kind of presence that has life stand still, return to our feeling, sensory body, return to our humanness, our material existence and decide what we need and what we’ve been told that we need that we really don’t need and adjust.

Our homework this Taurus Season is to return to our innate self worth. If you exist, you are worthy. You are worthy because you are. There’s no arguing that, so our work is to figure out how to believe it and live it.

Important Dates:

April 19th - Sun enters Taurus

April 22nd - New Moon in Taurus

April 25th - Pluto stations Retrograde in Capricorn

April 27th - Mercury enters Taurus

May 4th - North Node enters Gemini

May 7th - Full Moon in Scorpio

May 11th - Mercury enters Gemini

May 12th - Mars enters Pisces

May 12th - Venus stations retrograde in Gemini

May 14th - Jupiter stations retrograde in Capricorn

*** I'm teaching every Sunday at 6pm over at the Attune to the Moon Virtual studio. I'll be giving weekly Astro Updates before class and we'll work with the astrology through the yoga practice and live Astro Nidra.

These classes are pay what you can from $5 - 22 ***

All the below links are clickable

Astro Nidras for Taurus Season

For the Full Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio Full Moon Circle

See you there!

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