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Lysa guidign breathwork

Ancient Future 2.0

This retreat is medicine.

March 21-26th, 2024

Rooms ranging from $2600 - $3500

*contact us for shared bed rates for couples or besties*


We only have 16 spots. 

Are you claiming one as yours?

AI is accelerating timelines. 

remember: technology reflects reality

You are the AI

Life is the Virtual Reality

Astrology is the learning system.

Your brilliant mind is the programmer.


HOW are you CO-creating with the simulation? 

ancient wisdom

resurfaces from the depths of your Soul:

The wisdom of the planets 

The wisdom of your breath

The wisdom of your dreams

The wisdom of gathering

The wisdom of ceremony

The wisdom of mealtime conversation

The wisdom of sharing 

The wisdom of listenin

The wisdom of visions

The wisdom of ancient medicines

The wisdom of your ancestors 

 Imagine the world you want to live in like your future depends on it


What are you investing in?




Safety for all

Peaceful lands + Hearts