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Lysa guidign breathwork

Ancient Future 2.0

This retreat is medicine.

March 21-26th, 2024

Rooms ranging from $2600 - $3500

*contact us for shared bed rates for couples or besties*


We only have 16 spots. 

Are you claiming one as yours?

AI is accelerating timelines. 

remember: technology reflects reality

You are the AI

Life is the Virtual Reality

Astrology is the learning system.

Your brilliant mind is the programmer.


HOW are you CO-creating with the simulation? 

ancient wisdom

resurfaces from the depths of your Soul:

The wisdom of the planets 

The wisdom of your breath

The wisdom of your dreams

The wisdom of gathering

The wisdom of ceremony

The wisdom of mealtime conversation

The wisdom of sharing 

The wisdom of listenin

The wisdom of visions

The wisdom of ancient medicines

The wisdom of your ancestors 

 Imagine the world you want to live in like your future depends on it


What are you investing in?




Safety for all

Peaceful lands + Hearts







Soul Medicine


The world is going through a painful metamorphosis.

It's unfair, tragic, and exquisitely beautiful at the same time.

You have the fullest permission to hold two opposites true simultaneously.

Safe spaces to share, reflect & contemplate are key.

You are safe to be you, in all your messy, raw, real, creative expressions.  


When we gather in the Mexican Baja, we’re going to do just that.

An experience of deep acceptance. Even deeper remembrance.

There is room for both grief & gratitude.

And the lightness that comes when you honor who you really are.

We are gathering moments after the Spring Equinox.

This is the astrological New Year.

A powerful portal of new beginnings.

We begin as Venus conjuncts Saturn, setting forth a new cycle around relationships, prosperity and pleasure. You will learn about the astrological energies of this astrological year, how to harness them, how to plan with them and when to rest.
And, you'll learn this in the context of your own chart. So it's personal.
Every year that Jana plans her life with the rhythms of the astro, it goes so much smoother than when she doesn't.

She will share this magical tool with you.
Do you need to know astrology for it to make sense? No. That's what you have me for. 

Jana & Lysa will guide you in Breathwork, movement, (yoga) Astro Nidra, & song. 

In preparation for this retreat, Jana went to spend a week with her teacher, Dr. Joe Dispenza, who has dedicated his life to guiding people into mystical experiences, while simultaneously breaking down the mystical experience through the scientific method with in-depth study and research. It dawned on Jana that the sole focus of practice during this retreat is to teach you what she has learned about how to have an endogenous experience with releasing 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine so that this is the true gift that you take home with you. 

Jana and Lysa agree that an opportunity to step out of the current reality, step back from your life and gain perspectiv is sometimes necessary to get where we really want to go, we have to forget what we know and reset.

This is that.

There will be optional ceremonial add ons, in the form of: Natal chart readings, temezcal. body work. 


Jana will share the astrology of the year as we celebrate the equinox & the start of the astrological new year.


There will be time to hang in hammocks, read books, swim, shop, make new friends or meet friends you have been sharing space with online over the past few years or old retreat buddies gathering yet again. 


This retreat is medicine


March 21-26th, 2024

Rooms ranging from $2600 - $3500*


Registration open!
*book with a friend and you each get $100 off your spot!*

When looking at flights, you'll want to fly into SJD - San Jose del Cabo International Airport.
Ideally, you land before 3pm local time on the 21st.

The earlier the better so we can enjoy our first meal and opening circle together that evening.

All spaces are first come, first serve.

If you want to place a deposit and pay the rest later, please be sure to choose the option to pay the deposit only.

We can set up payment plans for the rest.

This retreat center, el Campo, is such a delight! 
The beds are organic, custom made and super comfy. The bedding and pillows chosen with your luxury in mind.
Annie, our host, has put so much loving care into selecting everything from waffle cotton bathrobes, home made non-toxic products for our use - she even had a whole retreat center water filtration system installed so that we can drink the tap water and brush our teeth with the water. You forget what a luxury this is until you can't and most places in Mexico, you can't. Here - you can.

To see more photos of el Campo, scroll to the bottom of this page for a gallery.

Ceremonial add ons

Lysa is offering 1-on-1 session

Jana is offering Natal Chart Readings

We have an incredible body worker on site

optional mexican spa experience where you can steam

(not a traditional Temescal)




Airport Transfers

Twice daily practice

Astrology of the Year workshop

Hanging out with amazing Humans & the time of your life!

not included in fees

1-to-1 ceremony

Body Work

30 min chart readings w/Jana


One night - dinner out

Alcoholic Beverages


Cancelation policy: 

No cancelations. Please ensure you get insurance when purchasing your plane ticket. We are happy to try to sell your spot to someone & give you their money. If you cancel & no one buys your spot, you'll be responsible to pay for the spot.

medical insurance:

Please travel responsibly and get yourself medical insurance. You will sign a waiver to release both the faciliation team and the retreat center of responsibility for this retreat. This company comes recommended.


In the event of a world crisis that shuts down the world again, we will refund everything we can. If the retreat center keeps our money, that portion of the retreat fees will not be able to be refunded, but everything we can refund, we will.

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