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New Moon in Gemini + Mutable Grand Cross

Photo Credit :: Pete Longworth :: Soft Core Super Clear retreat w/ Elena Brower + Jana Roemer April 2014

The magic of this New Moon in airy Gemini is BIG!

Gemini is represented by the Twins, or the duality of our Higher and Lower Self. Gemini is social. Gemini is quick witted, has a way with words and the tendency to shift minds quickly. One of the gifts of this time is to be able to see from an alternate perspective, should you choose to sit back and view the bigger picture. This opens the opportunity to CHOOSE your path. Will you listen to your Higher Self and take flight or allow the dense energy of your lower self take the wheel? What third chakra practices are you doing to bolster your self discipline and keep the Higher Vision?

This particular New Moon in Gemini is met with a Grand Cross. {Have a look at the chart below to see the giant red cross across it all - the centre of the chart is planet Earth -- we are being pulled in all different directions}. All the planets involved in this grand cross are in Mutable Elements. Mutable elemental signs are an expression of the element that is dispersing energy and in a state of transformation. It is like we are blowing out the center of all that no longer belongs or fits in order to make room for something new.

The bigger picture here is intense! Venus, the Sun and the Moon all sit in 15* Gemini – this placement holds the key to reawakening to an expanded awareness. Perhaps even a tipping point in our collective consciousness where in an instant we have an accelerated awakening to new realities. Watch for serendipities and synchronicities as your tribe converges toward Unity consciousness. Yes, we are individuals, all playing our unique and important roles, yet when we come together, naked and ready to be seen and in our soft, centered power, really listening to each other from our hearts – something new is born. In harmony, we open to the Unified Field and the gateway in is so obvious that one could walk right past it and not even realize. Attune.

Jupiter is sitting at 14* Virgo, square Saturn and the Sun + Moon. If we remain stubborn and hold on to old ways, old patterns, we remain under the illusion of limiting beliefs, programming and conditioning. Despite the petulant ego who wants to maintain their grip on their “rightness,” choose to try on a different vocabulary and tell the story a different way. Even if it doesn’t sound true at first, write it out and say it anyway. Let the frequency of the words and the vibration of sound start to pry open the stubborn shell that keeps you stuck. Let it attune you to a different perspective, perhaps even the perspective of that which you are resisting, melt away the rigidness and allow yourself to shape shift and grow. Let go of the past now, it doesn’t matter!

Neptune is square it all at 12* of Pisces. Pisces is Neptune’s home, therefore, a LOT of power building here. At the 12th degree, there is a high chance of drama if you don’t choose your Higher Self. Over protection. This is the biggest curse if you choose to stay righteous and are unwilling to shift and open compassionately to another perspective. It is the greatest blessing if you are willing to let go, wake up and move on. The old is gone: LET IT GO.

Saturn sits at 13* Sagittarius telling us something is ready to die. This scares the shit out of most people, but remember: Nothing ever really dies! It is transition, transformation. It is movement from one incarnation to the next on any level. Energy, shape shifting. Can you spend sometime alone and examine what is ready to go? What have you been carrying that is not yours? Feel deeply into the cells of your being and identify energy that feels stuck, misplaced and release it in order to elevate your life.

This is a good time for steady Spiritual practice. Meditate every day. Do body scans. Get to know the deeper layers of self through the body. The entire story is there. Truth lives within. Feel it all. Get to know your organs. Get to know each organ’s home frequency so you can feel, observe and listen to them as you join the awakened ones and accelerate your personal evolution. This personal evolution is leading the way for the evolution of our Species. It is happening NOW. Can you feel it?

This is a great time to sit with your journal and write out a story from your past that is causing your suffering in the present. Then re-write it again and again until you have an expanded version of the story that is so far beyond your own ego and experience, wrapped in full compassion, openness, forgiveness and readiness to release.

It keeps showing up in a vision of us zipping off a layer of self that is old, expired and perhaps never really was us in the first place. We came in disguise to show a new way to walk this earth and it is time now to activate. How do you know you are one of us? You are reading this right now. You are a seeker. You feel that something is happening. You are waking up to new truths. You are no longer comfortable to following status quo. You feel called to do something to make this world a better place. It is you. You are one. They keep telling us, when will we listen: “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Uranus is sitting in 23* of Aries along with the dwarf planet / asteroid Eris asking us to make a MEGA jump into the unknown as we let who we have known ourselves to be to dissolve. These two are BEGGING us to march with courage toward that which is unknown. They tease us with the idea that we can make a quantum leap through reality ~ be willing to brave the storm to get there as it is the most direct path.

We are also still under the influence of this Grand Earth Trine between Jupiter, Pluto and Mercury. It tells us we can bring our dreams into reality. Take the time to listen to your inner world with such curiousity and dedicated focus that your inner world expands into the Universe itself and the messaging is clear. Pluto at 17* Capricorn is activating an inner initiation. It is in initiation into a New Earth that starts with one and spills out into the many. Listen up!

Allow yourself to be changed. Let yourself be transformed by the pressures of this astrological weather. Stay High in your vision. Make room for your belief systems to evolve and your actions to be unfamiliar and new. Let your Spiritual practices evolve -- note even the way you hold on to the path that transforms you. Let your life take on new meaning with your new understanding of the Universe!

The New Moon is exact at 7:59pm PST on Saturday, June 4th, however, we are meeting at Love Yoga Space in Venice on Sunday, June 5th at 7:30pm. Please join us. Click here to save your spot. Bring a journal, pen, an altar piece if you like and a mug to drink tea.

"We are in an accelerated time of evolution and transformation. We are adjusting to a new paradigm and although it may not seem like it based on all the negative happenings in the world, we are actually moving forward in the larger picture." ~ Lena Stevens of the Power Path

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