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Libra New Moon

As a cardinal air sign, Libra is here to get things started with the other in mind.

Libra season requests that we slow down from the hard work of Virgo Season as we shift from the individual personality archetypes to the social archetypes. As we shift from focusing on “ME” to focusing on the “WE,” it requires that we sit back and listen.

Libra experiences, or perceives, life through all kinds of relationships, not just the obvious ones. Libra reminds us that what we see in the world is a reflection of our internal landscapes. We can make ourselves more available to relationships by lightening our own internal load so we can actually see and listen beyond the busy-ness of our own minds. Otherwise, we tend to project our own experience on others, seeing them as we are, rather than as they are.

Libra is the diplomat of the Zodiac. Constantly seeking harmony, looking for how to can get along, even at the cost of over compensating or giving up too much of themselves in the process.

Libras are socialites of the zodiac, often paying attention to what everyone’s up to, who’s getting along with who and who’s not. The fascination with the other is so real for Libra, always interested in what others think, how they feel and fit together, that they can lose the ground of their own personality. They organize, but different from Virgo’s organization tendencies — Libra’s organize community and social constructs rather than possessions.

Ruled by Venus, Libra is a curator or the arts, loves to create beauty and shapes cultures. Libra also desires fairness, justice and balance. You can see it in the symbology - the scales.

It is noteworthy to mention that while Libra seeks balance, it is likely not something that comes naturally – rather something that Libras seek to achieve. As the planet comes into balance with day and night on the equinox, which is the first day of Libra, we can often become even more aware of where our imbalances are playing out in our lives, thus providing our personal curriculum for the season. It is through our imbalances that we learn what balance is and how to maintain it.

The Chandra Symbol as shared be Elias Lonsdale is:

A man raising a crop of marijuana.

Lively, energetic, spilling-out-over-the-edges consciousness and sensibility. Exuberant with the play of existence. Magnetized completely to enjoy and express and explore the personal, the interpersonal, and the sensuous vibrations. Wanting to find out what is real here, what is truly alive, what is worth moving further with. Experimental, loose, and carefree, you are extraordinarily uninhibited. Most gifted in loving, appreciating, and delighting in how each one is and how we all are. The connoisseur of chaos and the master of the casual interspaces, for better and for worse.

This particular New Moon, we are able to see ruling planet, Venus, rising on the Western Horizon just after sunset. In ancient Babylonian Astrology, they believed that planets visible in the night’s sky have more strength. This Venus rising in Libra is significant because Venus is at home in Libra, also increasing her strength at this time. We haven’t seen Venus rising in Libra in 8 years, nor will we see again for another 8 years.

Venus rules money, relationships (from a feminine perspective), harmony, beauty, arts. All these areas of your life are up to be boosted by this New Moon. Especially considering that Venus is in a perfect sextile with Jupiter who expands whatever it focuses upon. Venus is asking you to ground into your sense of Self, while Jupiter is working to protect and guide those who are focused on what is sweet and eternal. ie: The capital “S” Self.

With Venus at the time of this new moon, at an exact sextile with Jupiter, we are being given every opportunity to expand, go through some big learnings and grow. This comes at a moments break from traversing the gateway between two consecutive squares — Saturn on Sept 25th and then Pluto on Sept 30th — we are being asked to slow down as we lay new plans and make our moves to ensure that first and foremost we are moving from grounded integrity and then checking in that we’re taking action from a deeply rooted seat of our personal power. IF we do the work to establish motivation and inspiration from that eternal inner Source, Pluto will be nice to us. IF we move from a lack of integrity, adopting someone else’s Dharma, Pluto will work in classical ways, making life extra challenging, perhaps even knocking you over so you really learn have to stand on your own two feet on your own.

Both Saturn and Pluto are moving so slowly that they stay at the same degree for the entire Libra Season. We are working out karma upon karma through the lens of our integrity and empowerment, while having to surrender to the timing of our lives. These are extremely transformative times for those who are choosing to step toward the challenges life offers.

Venus is also still feeling the effects of tapping into Mercury during their recent conjunction, making this a good time for communication and conversation to flourish.

Jupiter and Neptune are in an ongoing square. Watch out for any desire to escape or numb or move into excess. Pay attention to your dreams. Observe the stories being fabricated in your imagination and be sure to catch yourself if you’re find you’re telling stories to fill in the blanks of what is unknown in your life. Although it might not be as easy to do, remain rooted in reality. “The Work” of Byron Katie can be very helpful to combat those pesky stories that can cause so much suffering if they get out of control.

This is a time of initiation if you choose it.

Pay attention to your dreams.

Meet your life, especially your conflicts + challenges, ready to sit in the discomfort so you can grow. This is setting you up for what’s to come.

This astrology’s intensity is optional. The astrology we’re moving toward isn’t. This is your conditioning.

This initiation has the potential to throw you off balance. This is why the entire Libra Astro Nidra is designed to help you Restore Balance. There is a chance to find balance in relationship as well as any imbalance you have in your life. It might be helpful to bring a source of imbalance to the practice and open yourself to receive the Divine Guidance from within yourself during the practice to help you find resolve.

If you want to work on finding peace in a relationship, check out last year's Libra Astro Nidra as it is still very relevant to this time and focuses specifically on relationship healing.

Remember: Everything being sent your way is here to help you awaken. EVERYTHING. Spirit only sends angels to your path. Just because you don’t recognize them as such, doesn’t mean it’s not true.

It is wise to look at where all of this is happening in your personal natal chart for guidance tailored to you. Go to put in your birth information and then look at where in your chart this is going down. A quick google search will tell you what that house is all about!

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