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Jupiter in Capricorn

Jupiter in Capricorn will slow down what we are expanding, it will ask you to work harder to ensure that where you pointed your arrow while Jupiter was in Sagittarius, is where it actually lands in Capricorn.

Jupiter in Sagittarius was spent getting clear where you are headed, yet many people didn't necessary crush all their goals this past year. Some started and deconstructed or found false leads on collaborators or partnerships. Others as they got going on their dreams, then found that they needed to refine the map they drew for themselves as they learned more about where they were headed. Others still, found themselves in excess or overwhelm. There were also those who excelled this past year and had one of their best years on record. Yet since there was a lot of awakening and healing going on, so many have had to received their Highest Teachings before they could move forward to bring these big plans to life. Please note that this in definitely not a punishment, rather a prerequisite for their uplevelment.

The day after the New Moon in Sagittarius, Neptune stationed direct in Pisces with an exact trine to Mercury in Scorpio. He's saying, come on! Let's go! It's time to bring these big dreams to life! Call upon the invisible world to support you in these dreams, trust your intuition and hold it close to your heart to help empower you to bring this dream to life.

On the same day that Jupiter moves into Capricorn, Venus sits on the South Node in Capricorn, opposite the North Node in Cancer, reminding you that you can draw upon the wisdom you have earned through experience to move forward with your passions and projects. There is a big hint into your future here!

It's also interesting that from 4:27am - 11:11pm PST the Moon in Aquarius is Void of Course. This is interesting because it's asking you to take pause and tune into the SupraConsciousness to tap into a timeless wisdom to help guide you through this major shift in how you expand. Many of you are already feeling this esoteric help line whispering instructions for your next move. Pay attention. Take notes. Spend some time day dreaming and designing how you systematically bring your big dream to life. Because Aquarius is a time traveler / works outside of typical time constraints, take pause here to really listen will allow yourself to see how everything you've done and learned up to this moment is playing into the perfection of what's possible to build with Jupiter in Capricorn if we use these energies well. Only when Jupiter moves into Aquarius at the end of 2020 will we see how our future was feeding us wisdom every time we tapped into the supra consciousness.

There is a deep Soul Calling in each and every one of us trying to make its way to the surface of your existence.

The shifts that we're experiencing now are asking us to let something go. Do it willingly or it will happen for you (not always pretty when we resist the inevitable).

With Mars in Scorpio, it's strong. It's time to get down to business. To tap into an inner determination and penetrate your purpose with more intention and ferocity. If we don't harness the power of Mars in a helpful way, we can slip into it's shadow side where that need to be fierce with this penetrative and determined energy can get really sloppy and destructive. And since Mars is aspecting the nodes along with Venus, you can really use this energy to set yourself up for a great future. You know, one of those times you do the work that your future self will thank you for!

Jupiter moves into its FALL in Capricorn.

In 2020 Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are all in Capricorn - 1282 - 1284 was the last time they were all there together! (we used a different calendar back then!)

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