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What is Yoga Nidra?

Instructions on finding our inner voice have stayed in the mysterious realms for us to figure out on our own. . . UNTIL NOW 

Yoga Nidra attunes you to the frequencies of creativity, intuition and healing.

Yoga Nidra is a practice that ever so gently peels away the layers of illusion until all that’s left is the most innocent, connected part of yourself that you’ve been longing to know intimately. 

When you meet yourself there, you have access to insights, inner vision, subconscious programming & self love. 

Old, outdated programs slowly start to slip away and are replaced with intuitive guidance and a simple kind of awareness that can’t be described, only felt. 

Your nervous system resets to a state of calm and ease.

Your hormonal system remembers how to balance itself.

You can clear out unconscious programming & amplify your potential to create positive and life affirming neuro-pathways in your brain, which translate seamlessly into your every day living experience.


My Journey with Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is the practice that took me home into the softest, gentle womb inside my heart.

After years of work to silence my hyperactive, sometimes neurotic mind using tools of yoga, breathwork and meditation,

yoga nidra gave me something nothing else ever could: Silence. 

Over a decade ago in Edmonton, Alberta, Jessica Fergusson & Jai Kai were the first yoga nidra guides I encountered, but I actually had no idea what I was doing, nor was I able to make it past my right big toe in the body scan.


All I knew is that I woke up feeling amazing and my mind & nervous system were calm. 


My thirst to understand the practice became unquenchable so I dove in deep with Tanis Fishman.

After that first teacher training, I scoured my notes for every single reference she offered.

Then, continued my studies gobbling up books, taking online courses, studying with other teachers & practicing nearly every day.

That thirst lead me to other trainings, including Rod Stryker's Para Yoga Nidra & the International Yoga Nidra Conference where Kamini Desai, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Indu Arora & Richard Miller all presented and blew my mind open. Yet my primary & most influential teacher currently is a combination of ceremony with the Bufo Sonoran Toad & Dr. Joe Dispenza. He has translated the mystical experience into a scientific explanation that makes more sense than anything I have ever found. He satiates my intellect enough that it can let go and journey into the unknown. He educates about the nervous system and the endocrine system in a way that grants me access to my own. The integration of his teachings into the practice of yoga nidra is a map to breaking free from the matrix of illusion and truly becoming a bigger player in my own life, while still profoundly surrendering to the mystery at the same time. 


The 350+ Yoga Nidra Guides that have come through my training taught me more valuable wisdom than I could ever name. I am forever in awe of the Humans who step toward this practice. Game changer!

Yoga Nidra a radical and revolutionary path if taken seriously, yet to live it we have to unlearn so much of what we have been taught.

By searching outside of ourselves, we are more than likely to be mislead.

It's all inside.

Even with all these extraordinary teachers, they are merely pointing the light of my own awareness to the vast inner kingdom within.

The more I practice, the more my inner world opens & the more attuned I become to my inner teacher.

This practice gifted me a rebirth of my mind space.

Stick around. You can too.


What they're saying...

Yoga Nidra is my new favorite altered state of consciousness. It's shifting my entire existence.

- Mark, Venice, CA

I swear, it was Yoga Nidra that ultimately healed my cancer. I am so grateful to have finally found someone guiding it in Venice!

- Dana, Venice, CA 

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