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Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse

Photography by Tricia Victoria

Mutable Fire

Ruled by Jupiter

Lives in the legs

The Philosopher

This eclipse brings with it the torch of revelation. A restoration of faith.

All this learning we are doing…. once understood on an intellectual level (Gemini Sun), the belief system (Sagittarius Eclipse Moon) has to be adjusted to make the new understanding second nature and lasting. Learning from foreign cultures, across timelines, the ancient and futuristic meet to infuse wisdom into our current ways.

The thing about belief systems is that they live so deep within your psyche that most often they are nearly impossible to see. It often takes significant disruption or suffering to start to unearth the roots of belief.

And belief’s tricky psychic tendrils disguise themselves as truth, making them even harder to find.

Yet, when the earnest student digs into their beliefs, what they often find that the majority of these beliefs that we base our lives upon are quite fickle. Every time we learn more, expand our understanding and shatter pre-existing beliefs and new belief is born.

Since this is an eclipse on the south node, we have the potential to shatter beliefs quite quickly and move forward into a greater understanding of how to support our local communities through curiosity, learning and creating community.

Allow your faith to be restored by the sun’s persistent light so that you never abandon yourself or this purpose.

This eclipse begs us to practice fortitude and to persist in our quest for truth. The surface isn’t good enough. We must dive into the depths and see what’s underneath to get a fuller understanding of what we are eclipsing from our belief systems and find new teachers to help us on this path, no matter how uncomfortable it is. This is setting a path for the next 18 months, so choose your teachers wisely.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, so we also need to look at what Jupiter is up to. This whole year, Jupiter is hanging out with Pluto and Saturn. Closer to Pluto, the planet of death, transformation and rebirth - the one who shows you your power - Jupiter is expanding our ability to see abuses of power what needs to be torn down. Those destructive structures that keep the abuser in power must fall now.

I swear, I’m not making this up… this is the Chandra symbol for Jupiter’s placement in the sky right now: A solitary grave in the midst of a cornfield.

When you die and then come to life again in your next earthly lifetime, the one who died before and the one who lives now are brothers. The brother here now cannot forget the brother who died. Your heart is heavy with the karmic stories of your last previous lifetime. To actually enter upon this lifetime now takes forever. The past, what was suffered and lost, is what speaks inside. And in order to move through this extended interlude, you are going to need to return to the past places and see them again. Otherwise nothing goes right. Sometimes you have to go way back to get on with anything. And sometimes the truth is bleak, painful, tragic, and worth pursuing.

The moon is square Mars & Neptune, which is interesting because the moon is in the Mars decant of Sagittarius, and Mars is in Pisces in the decant of the moon. This gives the moon quite the fight and shows a powerful fire element presence. This fire could be seen as the fires on the streets, definitely. But there is an even more important fire to tend and that’s the one inside. The fire of devotion. The fire of discipleship. The fire of your own Innate Divine nature. When we tend to that fire, it becomes clear what you are fighting for, who you are fighting with, it holds the container for ego death so that your action is of pure intent. Even the most Spiritual of Warriors goes to battle to fight that Sacred fight to make things right. Neptune could be sabotaging us, or we could look at it as the force that is causing us to dig deeper. It blurs the lines, it blurs the truth, it blends things together and dissolves the lines. Neptune is quite unconventional, so it only makes sense that as a method to free us from illusions, they could create more to deepen the plunge. What is being shared in contemporary news systems is fueled and build upon the very structures that uphold abuses of power. The news is full up puppets repeating the lies, attempting the continue the hypnosis, but we are getting wise to it. Turn off the TV, their main method of infecting our minds and creating collective, shared beliefs and tune into channels transmitting a message broader than the old narrative.

Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is in Cancer making for highly emotional communication motivated by trying to take care of each other. It’s that mama bear, protective energy. Taking care of your young, your family, your home. This is about taking care of LIVES. Even if there are conflicting voices, the motivation is the same flavored by the beliefs we hold. The desire to nurture and heal our wounds lends power to this whole process. With Mercury sextile Uranus, the great awakener, it helps us to use our minds imaginatively, but can also have us jumping from one idea or thought to another quite quickly leaving us a little unsettled. There may be a push for independent & innovative thinking that allows us to break new ground. It’s just the right instigator for revolutionary thinking. All of this, with a backdrop of a healthy fear of death asking us to transform that fear into courage. Uranus begs you to get right with yourself, fill that achy hole inside with your connection to Spirit / Source and once that connection is re-established, let that be your guide. Stop talking so much and actually get to work actualizing what that voice inside is directing you to do. We are reminded to bring in our prayer, call in our ancestors, do ritual and ceremony - but don’t stop there. Your actions are the only thing with meaning at this point. Pay attention to what’s being said, learned, contemplated because we are already in the shadow period for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, so we WILL be revisiting these points two more times in the coming months.

Astrology has become the greatest validator of my entire existence and this only furthers the validation. We are SUPPOSED to be in this battle right now. The systems are SUPPOSED to fail us. We are SUPPOSED to be challenging our beliefs around the systems and structure that hold up society.

I just learned that slavery is represented and lives in the part of the chart that this Pluto / Saturn / Jupiter dance is happening all year. We are in a death cycle right now. And while this does includes lives, it doesn’t stop there. It includes all systems and structures that authority is build upon - government, schools, medicine, Pharma, police, power, money, the list is long. We have to be willing to let them all crumble.

This can be scary and highly destabilizing, but pull your pants up, put your gloves on and jump in because you’re either going to be fighting the change or you’re going to fight for the change. What side of this do you want to be participating in?

And hey -- don't forget. This is only just beginning. Uranus in Taurus hasn't really started throwing their weight around yet. Money systems are going to be disrupted. We are going to see transformation and change on a level most couldn't even imagine. Uranus is inching closer to another area of the sky that represent the slave trade. These cycles are completing themselves. Time is up. If we miss this, we fall into tyranny. I'm not saying this from current events, I'm saying it from the guidance of the stars. This isn't about blacks vs. white. This is about people vs. the system and reclaiming our power. Stepping out against injustice & reforming our judicial systems. We have work to do. It starts with learning.

Change is here. But we've only begun....

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