Virgo Full Moon | Sun in Pisces | Mercury Stations Direct

♍︎ Virgo Full Moon | Sun in Pisces ♓︎ | 19°37’ | Supermoon March 9th at 10:47am PST Mutable Earth - Feminine Ruled by Mercury ☿+ Chiron Lives in the digestive system + interacts with the autonomic nervous system. Shadow side of Virgo: worry + anxiety, obsessive tendencies, nit picking, critical mind Neutral: Cautious, awareness of physical health, daily routines, practicality, groundedness, the harvest Light Side: Healer, Self Mastery, to be in Service, hard working, purity The ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is stationed, getting ready to go direct 10 hours after this full moon, putting even more emphasis on today. It truly is a pregnant pause to gather information so we can heal before taking act

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Jana Roemer

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