Attune to the moon

New Moon Women's Circles 

 in Venice , California 



Women: Gather 

We are governed by the moon. Allow yourself to slow down and attune to Her rhythm which matches your natural cycle and pulls the tides within. New moon, new cycle. She is dark and mysterious, listen. It is the perfect time to go inward, let go, get clear and set intentions. In this potent energy we begin to conjure forth (re)new(ed) reality. Story after story is told of women gathering on the new moon, empowering each other and supporting each other in the direction of their dreams. We are leading in a new way. We are healing. Come. Magic Happens when women gather.

New Moon gathering dates:

January 24th, 2020              7:30 - 930pm

All at Love Yoga | 835 Lincoln Boulevard | Venice, CA | 90291

Best to save your spot in advance here.

**Bring a journal, pen and something for the altar**


I have adopted a new perspective. Grandmother Moon didn't grant my wishes over night, but I did ask for courage and clarity and I'm getting it. Thank you!"

- Jen, Mama

I was in awe watching you command the space with the playful manner you approach all things. You are graceful, wild, generous, honest and so full of light wisdom.

- Jen, Mama / Photographer 

Practices of Self Love       Learning to Love it All

Jana Roemer