Bone Broth Recipe

Yes! I am so happy you are curious about bone broth! It is shockingly easy to do this, so even though my explanation is long -- stay with me. There is way more information than just the recipe here. The first and most important step to make great bone broth, in my opinion, are: Understand why you want to make this medicinal elixir so that you can be intentional in the process Where to source your bones. Why? Bone broth will show you instantly why you want to drink it when you enjoy your first sip. It is grounding, nourishing, builds strength and helps your bones and teeth. The warm drink delivers certain nutrients such as magnesium, silicon, calcium phosphate and amino acids. It has a high c

Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse

The longer I study astrology, the more I understand why most people have a hard time being a Human at different times in their lives. It’s not to say that this is necessarily a hard eclipse season for everyone; there are so many factors at play that individualize your relationship and experience with the current astrological weather. When someone is committed to their own personal development, their self-awareness is likely heightened while the different weather patterns come through, yet no one is immune to the influences of these cosmic forces. They are multi-dimensional and manifest in different octaves depending on where the frequency waves land and what is created when they mix with dif

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