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Cancer New Moon Eclipse & more...

When a moon is expressed in Eclipse energy, its power is magnified 10 fold. Cancer rules the Moon, the Moon rules are emotions, our intuition, our past and all that we hold most dear. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, sure to stir up our emotional sensitivities.

You may remember that last Cancer New Moon was also an eclipse, but the North Node was still in Leo. It was a teaser for what’s to come. You may remember me chatting about a redistribution of power from the central heads to the hearts of the people & redistribution of power through alternative power and banking systems during the Leo / Aquarius eclipse cycle.

In this Cancer / Capricorn eclipse cycle, that started January 5thof this year with a Capricorn New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse, we’re talking about shifting from external authority to internal authority and taking back the home. With Saturn and Pluto hanging out on the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn, we’re looking substantial shifts in authority driven systems and structures (government, health care, education systems, etc) where inner authority is respected or the communities will revolt. We are seeing pressures from authority figures in an attempt to maintain the patriarchal power and control inspiring major pushback and restructuring, as the people want their voices heard and their choices respected.

We are not in the restructuring phase just yet, we are in the pressure and discomfort stage. We’re in the listening and attuning phase. The revolt is coming and we need to spend some time in this discomfort learning what it is that we DO want before the revolt and restructuring will have solid ground to take place.

It’s important to remember that eclipse seasons are actually quite long, 18 months is a typical Eclipse cycle. So we don’t have to do it all at once. The theme will continue to appear and unfold in perfect order, so our work is to stay present with what is happening NOW and trust that it is all leading somewhere.

Our first waters of the embryonic sac are some of the most nourishing waters we ever visit, filled with everything we need to initiate life. When we are in utero, we are the most connected to our intuition, our inner healer and the inner authority that knows exactly how to build this body that you are living this human life through. We linger in the powerful co-creative worlds between pure Spirit / Source and the world of structure and form where this earth walk takes place.

If you go back to your first home, where you built this body, you were in the womb. Ideally, but not exclusively, this was your safest home. If your Mother wasn’t safe, your connection to the Divine Mother supplemented this need for safety here. When you were in the womb, there was a particular unfolding of order that built your body. The heart is the first organ to be built and the lungs are the last organ to be built, and although the immune system structures are drawn in the womb and you started to receive anti-bodies from your mother, it only really begins it’s own development once born into this world and subject to all that it needs to build immunity to. This order doesn’t change. We come in trusting that we’ll be given the instructions as needed. This eclipse cycle is the same.

What we are receiving right now are the instructions to listen to your discomfort. To get real with what is and isn’t working, what structures are ripe to be dismantled, what is ready to be built.

Where the previous solar eclipse was partial, this one is full solar eclipse visible only near the tip of South America.

To understand the power of Cancer (or any sign for that matter), it is important to look at the opposite. Cancer’s opposite sign is Capricorn. I suggest going back to read the full post from the Capricorn Partial Solar Eclipse 6 months ago as I’ll be a little more brief here as I break it down now. (plus – we’re heading toward another lunar eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th)

Cancer rules the belly and the breasts – cardinal water

Capricorn rules the bones and the teeth – cardinal earth

Both feminine, but when out of balance, Capricorn seems quite Masculine,

Capricorn rules external authority figures

Cancer is the Ultimate inner Authority.

Cancer in development terms is all your inner, unseen vital structures that keep the order and utmost health of your body, a place for your Soul to co-ordinates on this earth walk.

Capricorn in the same development terms is all the outer structures and systems of authority; government, health care, education systems etc.

We’re being shown discomforts in both of these areas for this 18 month cycle.

This eclipse, our emotional landscape is being revealed through louder inner disruptions and disturbances. If you take the time to pull in and return to those inner nourishing waters and really listen to what you need at the most intimate level of your existence what you’ll discover are great inner truths, your creative genius, what makes you feel safe and how you define home. This time inward will show you emotional patterning and conditioned behaviors that are holding you back from fully living in that truth and trusting your inner authority.

By getting quiet enough to listen, you’ll hear this ancient infinite voice from within who is your greatest guide in this life.

There’s a fairly substantial potential that you’ll want to express this and do something about it as Mercury and Mars have freshly moved into Leo (remember – this is where the North Node was this time last year too, so there’s some re-activation of last year’s New Moon Eclipse energy). Just be mindful of how you decide to do that. Best to follow the crab’s lead right now and pull in and listen when others come around and disrupt your peace. There will be time to express very soon. Everything’s changing so fast that when you honor your inner authority you’ll be able to tap into a greater Source of Love to move forward skillfully and lovingly while ensuring that you’re taking care of your emotional needs first. This is one of our responsibilities as we move into this new paradigm.

It would be short sighted to ignore Saturn and Pluto both in Rx in Capricorn where they’ll stay through this entire eclipse cycle. Slowly but surely peeling away everything that needs to go. When you see something that is no longer serving you, let it go. Give it to Pluto to destroy, to Saturn to restructure. I’ve written about this before, you can review here, and it will come up again and again. Stay tuned.

The Cancer Season Astro Nidra is in full effect right now. Keep it going, it will continue to reveal layers upon layers of your subconscious mind and the healing goes deep.

Love you Earthlings!


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