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Pisces Full Moon / Sun in Virgo

{Epic Pisces collage by @cosmiccollage, Lori Menna}

The Pisces full moon comes early in Virgo Season indicating to me that it has a bigger influence in the scope of this season. (We are on a streak of these early sun season full moons actually. Pay attention to them).

This full moon in Pisces on August 26this a perfect check in with our connection to emotional embodiment. It reminds us that precision in tasks is secondary to Humanitarian action. Sure you can perform precise and remarkable surgery, but can you create an environment where the patient feels safe? Feels heard? Feels seen? And Felt? Sometimes Virgo energy can be so focused, so sharp, that it can become cold or even cruel. This full moon in Pisces comes in with all the feels, may be slightly irrational or not understandable, with quick awakenings to act as an initiation deeper into the heart. It will amplify your intuition and creative endeavors. It will have you go beyond your own needs and into the needs of the WHOLE (Universe). When you get this expanded feeling of all that is, you go beyond the speed of light and in a moment of loving clarity, may rearrange the underlying energy/Source energy fueling your creations and healing causing a Quantum leap in your manifest reality.

The contemporary ruler of Pisces is Neptune who also rules entertainment, the arts, dream space, addiction, escapism, insight and intuition and Spirituality in general. Allow yourself to dream the biggest dream and pay closer attention to your dreams. These are your night time dreams, and also your day dreams. Notice where you mind is wandering: Are you escaping the reality you find yourself in or are you dreaming of a life you’re ripe to create?

Neptune is at home in watery Pisces, not as close to the moon as last year’s Pisces full moon, but home and happy none the less. At 15°25’ Pisces there is a cornucopia of opportunity ripe for activation through your dream space. It’s almost as though realms inside realms have been conspiring to bring your dreams to life. Mystery upon mystery, lifetime upon lifetime, showing up as your best and gathering with others who are doing the same to create real and lasting change in the world and humanity. There is a ripeness to these dreams and an incredible support ready to bring it all to life. Dream a big dream and then scan your 3D world for all the details coming together, up to you to notice and gather together into production.

In the ancient teachings, before they discovered Neptune, Pisces was (and still is) ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, highest teachings, talents and good fortune. It’s the heaviest planet in our solar system, so it carries a lot of weight (although, he is gentle and doesn’t demand much of you, instead, he’s ready to serve when you come around to pay attention and ask for what you want). Jupiter is sitting at 16°27’ Scorpio telling a story of the lessons in the death cycle to rebirth and limitations. This is asking us to look at what is ready to die, transform or is ripe for rebirth. It’s also asking us to look at where we need to set boundaries or where set boundaries are no longer serving us. Since Pisces also rules addictions and indulgences (one of Neptune’s ruling influences) for the sake of escapism, it’s a good idea to have a look at what you have been using as a crutch to avoid feeling what needs to be felt. It is time to place a healthy boundary around that so you can feel what is begging to be felt, in order to transform or release it.

These two are in favorable energy flow with Pluto who is showing you what is standing in the way of your dreams coming into reality. He shows you, not to bring you down, but to gift you the power to overcome.

I’ve started to understand emotions as ceremony. Humans are so funny in that we’ll take a radically powerful plant medicine like ayahuasca, which is quite tortuous as well as informative and clearing to help us tame the ego and find forgiveness for our past or tap into creativity, yet when it comes to an emotional experience, many will go to great lengths to avoid, numb, run away from or spiritually bypass the emotional experience by ‘rising above it.’

What if when we feel an emotional experience coming on, we welcome it like a ceremony or an initiation into Higher Learning? What if we embraced whatever we were feeling with the wisdom that this too shall pass? The moment we muscle up with defensiveness or excuses, we block out the opportunity to grow, learn and / or evolve from the emotional experience. I’m going to let my understanding and language mature around this and bring it up again during Pisces season.

This is a big learning opportunity of this Pisces Full Moon as the Virgo archetype has this unique ability to logic, ration or reason their way through the emotional experience that prevents it from being felt fully. This of course shifts as the integration of the opposite (Pisces) is realized, yet not in the junior Virgo’s repertoire. Perhaps part of why Virgo’s don’t totally go there is because they learned in their formative teenage years that an emotion felt turns into mental looping and replaying of the experience, which can become torturous. Which would mean that again, they can learn from the Piscean way of using less words and thinking and allowing themselves to feel without explanation to bring this into balance and free themselves from the suffering that comes with the mental replay.

Often times, when we let ourselves feel something into the depths of feeling, we open up into the field of compassion. Having a deeply felt experience gives us the wisdom to know how suffering plays within, so when we get hurt, there is a greater potential to recognize that the other is hurting underneath the action that caused the pain. This is what Jupiter is telling us with this Full Moon: The projections that are being put on us, or we are putting on others, once recognized, are merely a Spiritual awakening or tactic to get us to inch closer to forgiveness as this is the largest doorway to healing. Some of the greatest teachers of healers in the world have clearly stated that no real healing can take place until we walk through those doorways of forgiveness for both self and other.

This moon is asking us to go inside to the forgetting recesses of our hearts and find the forgotten corners, the parts of ourselves we have divorced or rejected and engage in the conversation again. This time with compassion and forgiveness in our hearts so that we can experience true endings and make room for new beginnings. We are shedding so much as a collective and as cultures that we have to let go of what was to make room for what is coming for us. The future looks so radically different than the past that we can’t continue to replay old stories again and again and expect a different outcome. This moon is pointing us in the direction of healing specifically as these two luminaries are in healing signs initiating us into a new world.

This means that we get to look at the details and sort through the thoughts, words and actions. This means that we look at the details long enough to see what isn’t working to let it go. This might mean medicines, food choices, belief systems, modalities and more need to be reexamined as we continue through Virgo season and open ourselves up to new modalities and medicines.

This Grand Earth Trine between Saturn, Uranus and the Sun is asking us to put the boundaries in place and get inside of our nervous systems and be present to what in our life is in the limelight. Look at it, feel it, breath into it and allow the dream that you’re dreaming be infused into it. In some cases, that means a radially different reality and in others, you’ve been working toward this for some time and now you’re going to receive the insight, the blessings and the support that you’ve been dreaming of for some time now.

Uranus has taken you to the edge of imagination or challenge and it’s when you surrender it to the One great Source that you finally see that perhaps it’s been there all along waiting in your blind spot.

Saturn is confronting you with your judgments, your ideas of right and wrong, and anything else you need to finally see in order to burn up some Karma that is preventing you from seeing the bigger picture. Saturn is reminding you that those things that your run from because of these ideas you have are exactly where you need to stay present to receive your request. Saturn says: Stay present, especially in the discomfort, because it’s what you need to confront within yourself that will help you to over come these blocks and open your heart to the realization of your deepest desires.

The Sun is telling you that it’s in the spaces between anything and everything that you find your gifts. What’s holding you back are times that you check out, remain on the surface, or assign to a label quicker that you actually get to see and feel into what is truly in front of you. Stay present here long enough to find depth to find your treasure.

With the three of these guys working together to ground your dreams into reality, you would be wise to get clear in your vision and dream yourself awake into your wildest imagined reality!

With many planets in the lower degrees of the signs they sit in, there is a lot of new energy. Remember this is a mutable Full Moon and Sun Season, so we are meant to transform and change. Let it happen. Let yourself be worked upon. Embrace it all and go with the flow while slowing down long enough to indulge in the ceremonial initiation into this new paradigm.

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