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Virgo Season

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Wednesday, August 22 2018

Virgo: Mutable Earth

Ruled by Mercury + Chiron

Divine Feminine sign

Digestive System, Nervous System + Spleen

At it’s Highest, Virgo is a return to wholeness within as it is the last of the personal signs. It’s knowing yourself and experiencing yourself whole that prepares you for another when we move into Libra season.

The journey to get there has a large part in cleaning up your inner dialogue.

Virgo gets a bad rap for being overly critical and this comes from a few different inputs:

  1. Virgo is the force that shows chaos is incoherence waiting to be ordered and Virgo can be masterful at creating that order. This isn’t to assume that all Virgos are ordered but they do have the capacity to perceive all the details so that they can create great order.

Where Pisces picks up everything on the emotional/chemical plane, Virgo picks up everything on the vibrational/electric plane. There is a tremendous amount of information infiltrating the Virgo light body through light and sound waves. Because Mercury is the ruling planet, they have an enhanced communication system that is able to receive that vibratory information. The question is: What filtration system are they employing?

  1. Virgo is the Virgin. So incredibly pure that everything impure is noticed immediately and called out. Again, the filtration system in use will have an enormous influence on how that is used and communicated. On one end of the spectrum it can be overly critical and damaging, holier-than-thou, righteousness/superiority complex – on the other end Virgo becomes a profound Healer. It’s the refinement and maturation of these perceptive and communicative systems that makes the difference.

  2. Virgo is the perfectionist – Blessing and curse. It comes from that purity I mentioned above. They actually know and understand perfection on an angelic level. The angelic realm is accessible consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. When it is unconscious, it feeds information/wisdom/directive through to the conscious, but on the way it has to go through the filters, programs and conditions that the human has accumulated through the life experience. Depending on what those programs and conditions are and how much work one has done to become aware of them (tricky undertaking) and how willing the ego is to step aside to let the soul shine through (i.e. Angelic nature) that feedback can be felt as everything from deeply annoying to super critical to Divine Downloads for healing. Most Virgo’s work is to refine the many layers of that communicative path to allow Divinity to flow through. It’s not any easy task, but definitely one worth pursuing. Virgo is one of the greatest healers of the zodiac – especially from a Quantum understanding of opening the channels to the Unified field and altering the energetic signature beyond form, beyond the speed of light. When they embody the angelic, they can transcend the conditions of the Human Experience and affect transformation in the underlying energy of the Quantum Blue Print which ultimately completely transforms matter. This is realized when they integrate the Pisces / Virgo polarity.

Remember MUTABLE EARTH // Changing. Transforming Matter.

The can do it quickly, on more of a surface level by altering the physical environment (organization, attention to detail), but for more depth, lasting change and seemingly miraculous transformations, they need to access the vibratory field beyond the speed of light and LOVE life into full health. (this is what we are working with in the Virgo Season Astro Nidra).

Another aspect of Virgo, often underknown is they are the herbalist of the zodiac. Working with plants, herbs – food as medicine, essential oils, flower essences, being outside in nature, gardening – all profound practices for Virgos.

Virgo can see and understand fractal patterns, sacred geometry and how this is the pathway from the formless to the form.

Virgo is also ruled by Chiron. The wounded Healer. This is so beautiful because it keeps them humble.

I believe the Virgo wound to heal is the overly analytical mind that craves logic and rationality. It shows up critical and controlling with too many boundaries. It’s the perfectionist tendencies that create procrastination or blocks to getting things done and published. It’s true that the poison is the cure, yet at the same time – it’s beyond the analyzer, logic and reason that we access the magic and miraculous. It can create anxiety or other nervous system ailments: nervous energy to OCD. It can make them difficult to be around or collaborate with, but at the same time it can be the driving force behind some of the most beautiful work and creative projects.

It can have them taking life too seriously, forgetting to play or becoming work-aholics. Do your Virgo friends a favor and make them play, set them up in situations to burn off energy – athletics, physical challenges.

Your Virgo rising friends have Leo in the 12thhouse. So they have a difficult time accessing and remembering play on their own. They need you to remind them.

They have brilliant minds and although they can overthink – they are incredible problem solvers and have an innate desire to Serve as one of their missions in life is to release everyone from their suffering.

Their intentions are pure, their hearts are gold. If you can see beyond the rough surface and remember that, you’ll take less personally.

They feel safe when they are living in ordered, organized environments where they have an understanding of the details that connects them to the whole.

Truth telling honesty is a potent value for the Virgo archetype. They recognize that it’s through truth telling and honesty that we awaken to our potential and that is part of awakening as One becomes free from delusions.

The fear of being seen as imperfect makes it challenging for Virgos to be vulnerable and even seem like they don’t have a wide range of emotions – but rest assured, there are many emotions, self-critics and struggles happening behind the curtains. Its only once they feel safe and know they can trust that you’ll gain access to their vulnerabilities and deeper emotional states. Earth lives in first chakra – so speak to a Virgos root chakra to gain access to the rest. Safety, security, trust. Trust. Trust. Trust. You’ll get it.

Ultimately, they are here to serve the Healing of Humanity and it all starts within.

Virgos – meditate, be kind with yourself. Ease up on criticism by adopting gratitude practices and counting your blessings. Do something to burn energy off your nervous system and spend time grounding into the present moment every single day. Establish routines then turn your routines into rituals so you remember to invite the magic and mystery into your daily life. If you actively invite they mystery and acknowledge and step toward the unknown every day it will soften the analyzer because some things simply can’t be known.


This Virgo season starts with Mercury freshly direct after a journey in Leo, then Mercury comes home to Virgo Sept 5thstrengthening our communicative abilities.

It would be a great time to close your eyes and attune to the electrical frequency/waves of our vibrational reality.

It would be a great time to get to know the space just outside your body in a felt sense.

It would be a great time to bring order to the chaos of your life.

It would be a great time to feel yourself whole and feel yourself as you are in wholeness.

These are the last days of the zodiac where our attention is on us and us alone as next month it becomes about relationship. The greater and more clear you are in you and your home frequency (Aries season), the less likely you are to lose yourself in relationship.

Where the Virgo may need to loosen their boundaries, everyone else can learn from the Virgo archetype and establish some healthy boundaries.

This Virgo season also starts with a grand earth trine between Saturn, Uranus and the Sun that goes exact August 25th. Time to bring your ideas to life. To create structure and form to new ideas and dreams. Be radical, open to new ideas/revisions to the plan to come from nowhere and surprise you with brilliance or new ways to channel your energy.

Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn are still in their cosmic conference asking you to dream big. Let your imagination go where it’s never been. Break the glass ceiling on possibility.

The Virgo / Pisces polarity is about initiation – when you see/feel/hear it coming for you meet it with full presence.

Remember: this practice does not care about your comfort: it cares about your awakening and awakening isn’t always comfortable. Learn to sit in the discomfort and get comfortable there. Keep breathing.

The initiation energy of Virgo season is related to your business, professional structures and perhaps has you motivated to get sh*t done. Let that energy move you and dive in. When the winds blow this way we are wise to participate.

Virgo season is motivating, focused, and full of accomplishments.

Do this Astro Nidra for Virgo Season to help you attune to the healer within. It will help you in beautiful ways this month as you bring it all together.

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