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Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leo is associated with the Lion, the courageous heart and playful leadership. Leo Season is about creativity and remembering the most important creative project you ever work on: Your Soul's Expression.

The theme of this Leo season is a returning to your Soul’s essence and purpose. Leo Season is considered the Spiritual New Year in esoteric astrology. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is the center of our Solar System, is our Source of light and information. The Sun and our Solar System are moving through the Milky Way Galaxy and at the center of our Galaxy is a Black Hole. The difference between a sun and a star is that a Sun has planets in orbit and it wouldn't surprise me to learn that there are multiple solar systems within this galaxy that we are all spiraling within and they all revolve around the Black Hole. I really love that our light Source revolves around a dark, unknown center, especially if we echo the idea that the Source is at the center -- so the Source of our greatest Luminary is the dark.

There is an esoteric teaching that during Leo Season, there is a Galactic Meeting of Benevolent Beings that gather to confer about the direction of all Beings in our Galaxy which then gets filtered to us through the light information that comes from our Sun. (I know, this can be a little out there, but imagine and let it be a metaphor of your understanding. As ancient Mythology would have the Sun as a God, it would make sense that in this same mythology the Sun God would chat with other Sun God's too). As the Solar System recalibrates to it’s own purpose within the Whole galaxy, take the time to recalibrate to your Soul’s Purpose and contribution to the Whole.

During Leo Season, our Sun rises along with Sirius, the brightest star as we can see from Earth’s perspective. It has been written in some Origin stories that Sirius is a SOP Star (Soul Origination Point), or a geographical location that Soul Seeds originate. Sirius is the Light behind the Light. The Luminary behind the Luminary. It's like going to your teacher's teacher. During the eclipse when the sun's light is blocked by the moon, more of Sirius's light waves will come through and it's up to us to listen.

The degree that this eclipse is happening at is 18°42’ Leo. We round up the degree and this is what Ellias Lonsdale reports in his interpretation of degrees:

LEO 19 A hummingbird feeding at a trumpet vine. Heightened perception exquisitely poised, brilliant and as fast as can be. You have the genius of seeing things, knowing things, and being there. Overflowing with destiny-bounty earned over many lifetimes, yet you bring all this through with a fine-tuned ability to land in the situation at hand with only as much as can be worked with. You are guided to follow an extraordinary course through the world, which features the perfect opportunities to tap what is inside in so many different ways. The blessings, the grace, the heart's wonder are superfull. As this way of being ripens and matures, it becomes even better. Then you begin to draw out from others the same kinds of marvels and wonders, and to make it possible for the vibrancies to spread and grow. With a wildfire capacity to spread good news and bring affirmative realizations wherever they are needed in generous profusion, you work with ever more effortless capacity to bring this world alive.

The eclipses have been occurring on the polarity of Leo / Aquarius which is one of great awakening. Sudden, surprise actions and revelations. We can’t even imagine what is coming and the best way to pick up on it is to commit to a heartfelt practice of presence where your light hearted approach to life allows you to receive new information and have fresh thoughts that haven’t swept through your psyche before.

Eclipses are a deeply Karmic events. It accelerates Karma and amplifies your thoughts during the time of the eclipse. What is realized / downloaded during the eclipse is unpacked over the next 6 - 18 months.

In Buddhism, they say the thoughts, words and actions you take now are amplified ten thousand times on a solar eclipse.

It’s also important to remember too that this eclipse portal is a continuation of the eclipses we experienced last August on the Leo / Aquarius axis. It’s hard to forget the Great American Solar Eclipse from last August 21stthat was in Leo too. We are still playing out some of those themes. Shifting the power from the power centers into the people. This is significant as we see all over the globe rather substantial shifts in heads of countries and civil unrest in topics across many countries like immigration, water access and questions of honestly. There are inhumane acts happening all over and it’s waking people up. Asking people what they stand for and what they are being called to gather around and how we are willing to learn to take care of each other.

Eclipses are times were we have DNA upgrades. We go through growth spurts. We have a chance to release history, emotions, story, Spiritual Weight.

The eclipse is conjunct Mercury Rx. It is an inferior conjunction, meaning that mercury is between the sun and us. Here, Mercury sits a lot quieter than usual reminding us to listen as we get an upgrade through all of our inner communication devices. This includes everything from how we speak to the strength of our intuition. Listen.

There is a YOD formation in the sky with Neptune, Pluto and the eclipse (Sun + Moon). They call this the Hand of God and it is an accelerator on your Spiritual Journey. Neptune is asking you to dream a big dream and Pluto is both helping to clear what needs to be removed and showing you where your power exists.

The Eclipse is square Jupiter reminding us that the contraction is the expansion. The pressure that gets put on through the eclipse portal peeks just before the actual eclipse. Contractions, heavy energy, confusion, wobbly movements all catch your attention and increase awareness and make you start to ask different questions, perhaps even having you question your life which is exactly the point.

With six planets in retrograde (7 if you count Chiron), your Soul is begging you to turn inward, quiet down and listen. The messages coming through your heart are important for the next steps in your personal growth. We embody the saying that it’s important to become selfish enough to become selfless. If we skip that inversion point, it turns to imbalanced ego and part of our work to do during this season is to temper our ego to continually remember the others. We can only truly hear others when we are grounded in our hearts.

One thing worth pointing out is that many planets are exploring the early degrees of the zodiac signs right now. Venus is newly in Libra (4°29). Mars Rx is at 0°20’ Aquarius. Saturn Rx is back in the early degrees of Capricorn (3°05’). Uranus Rx is newly in Taurus (2°33’). Chiron Rx is at 1°51’ and the North Node is at 5°54’ Leo. New energy. How new are you letting your energy be right now?

Spend some time outside, soaking up the sun's rays with eyes closed listening to what you hear emerging from within.

Download the Astro Nidra for Leo Season and drop into the space underneath the analytical mind for a directly experience with these teachings. It's all being transmitted to you directly, all you have to do is set yourself up to listen.

This is a big one Moon Lovers. DNA activations, Light Code Uprgrading and remembrance of Soul's Purpose. It will take about 18 months to unpack fully, so be patient with yourself. I'm reminded of a pair of words together: Gentle Urgency.

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