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Bone Broth Recipe

Yes! I am so happy you are curious about bone broth! It is shockingly easy to do this, so even though my explanation is long -- stay with me. There is way more information than just the recipe here.

The first and most important step to make great bone broth, in my opinion, are:

Understand why you want to make this medicinal elixir so that you can be intentional in the process

Where to source your bones.

Why? Bone broth will show you instantly why you want to drink it when you enjoy your first sip. It is grounding, nourishing, builds strength and helps your bones and teeth. The warm drink delivers certain nutrients such as magnesium, silicon, calcium phosphate and amino acids. It has a high collagen content, which supports teeth, joints, shiny hair, strong nails and glowing skin. Depending what vegetables you add to the mix, there will be many more nutrients as well. It boosts your immune system and for some people it will help heal their gut. Another noteworthy aspect to consuming bone broth is that it curbs sugar cravings. Often times when we are low in protein and fats, we crave sugar to get the energy our body needs. Sugar will give you a quick-fire energy response, but then it is followed with a crash. {Not to mention the emotional ride that goes along with sugar}! Choosing bone both is to choose your foods as medicine. With every food choice you make, ask myself yourSelf “Is this healing me or harming me?” Not to seek perfection, but to increase your awareness of the materials you are choosing to build your body-temple. There will always be some foods that are good for your Soul like high quality dark chocolate!

Sourcing your bones: Go to a local farmer’s market or butcher who works with grass-fed / organic beef. Ask for cow knuckles and marrow bones; ideally with no hormones, no steroids or anti-biotics. This is the process of extracting all the nutrients from the bones, so if you choose non-organic conventional bones, you will be drinking in concentrated chemicals and poison that get extracted along with the goods. For the amount of bone broth you can get off one bone, it is worth every extra penny for the high-vibrational upgrade.

{I prefer beef broth – you can do this very similarly with a roasted chicken after eating the majority of the meat off the bones}

The vegetables: Again, choose organic for the same reasons as the bones. Plus, I think it’s important that we support the farmers that are doing it right! Every time someone chooses conventional GMO produce, that is a vote of support for Monsanto. You vote with every penny you spend. Next time you are chopping vegetables for ANYTHING, clean them up really good before you start and then as you chop off the scraps, throw them into an air-tight sealed container and save them in the freezer. I have also wondered about using vegetable juicer pulp in the bone broth – perhaps in the next batch! Be bold and experiment. Both these options are great because you’re reducing waste and cost! You can also do a sweep of your fridge and clean out anything that is getting close to its final days. Here are the vegetables I worked with in my most recent delicious batch, {but you can use anything}:



Sweet potato peels

Golden beets

Kale stems





Pepper corns

Herbs: A handful of fresh organic rosemary, thyme and cilantro. Dried oregano. A little bit of salt and pepper to taste.

Here is what you do:

Roast the bone (s) in the oven on 350 for about 30 minutes, flipping half way through – this is the game changer. I did mine in a cast iron pan. Roasting the bone (s) changes the flavor in all the right ways!

Find the BIGGEST pot you have and fill it with purified water and bring it to a boil as the bones are in the final stages of roasting.

Once the bones are done roasting, add them to the water and 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

Let this reduce down over about 2.5 - 3 hours.

Add all your veggie scraps, herbs, salt and pepper and top up with more water.

Give it a little stir and as you do stir in blessings and love. Ask for the perfect medicinal mix to brew for exactly the healing you need at this time.

Turn the heat on low and let it continue on a low simmer for 12 - 18 hours.

After 12-18 hours, strain out the veggies. I like to use a little strainer to get them out and then squish the juice out of them into the broth. I usually do a salt level taste test here too.

Simmer for another 24 - 32 hours until it tastes delicious!

I usually start to drink it around the 24 hour mark and add more water to top it off and give it another 24 hours.

Store it in giant Ball jars in the fridge and warm up on the stove (forget the microwave!!) It should stay good for just under a week OR you can freeze it for some time.

Some recipes have you draining off the fats, but I didn’t have a whole bunch of fat and decided to leave it in. With high quality, organic everything in this elixir, it felt like the right thing to do.

I hope you enjoy it!

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