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Venus' Journey Through the Underworld

While Venus is on her Journey to the Underworld, the feminine may feel like there is a huge gap or empty hole in her heart. Venus is the Goddess of love, abundance, beauty and relationships. Balance, harmony, equilibrium. In older texts she was acclaimed as the Goddess of Peace.

During this imbalance, the feminine, emotional side of us may feel fear around finances or fear of abandonment or fears about not being lovable or good enough or a sense of confusion. Yet don’t let love be replaced with fear. Love yourself through this transit by amping up your Spiritual practice. Remember that Spirituality is not always pretty. It hurts, there are tears, as we build our resilience and capacity we gain access to the shadow aspects of Self. Let yourself feel the full range of what is alive inside and be aware of the tendency to project your darkness onto others. Dance and kick and scream and emote in any healthy way. It is time to clean it all up and the only way out is through.

Starting July 1st, we get access to Venusian love through the positions of Neptune, Mars (both trine) and Jupiter (sextile) in relation to Venus. We might not be able to feel Venus directly, but telepathically we can with these planets. It is a beautiful sharpening of your intuition and inner senses.

Jupiter is helping us access the feminine wisdom of Venus by having an honest conversation with yourself. The kind of conversation where you get to the root of everything that has been causing discord or disrupting your peace. To get to Venus, this internal conversation has to bypass the ego-mind, personality or wounded nature of Self. This can be tough, but it will lead you to a well of integrity that you didn’t even know you were missing. It will weed out the bullshit and lies you have been telling yourself and free you from delusion which is causing your own suffering. It’s time to get real with yourSelf.

Neptune, sitting retrograde in her home sign at 11* of Pisces comes in to show us that the walls of protection that we have built must crumble for us to grow. She shows us that often we build walls or monuments on sacred power centers that actually prevent us from tapping into the infinite wisdom available in this power source. Power can be scary, yet as long as these walls remain, we sit in limbo commenting on the ivy that has grown on these walls and the people who have come to visit rather than the power that lays underneath. This feeling, when light, is filled with intuitive communication and gifts of awakening beyond our current evolution, the shadow is delusion, judgments and rejection that poison the psychic nature of this aspect. When we heal our wounds, the crystal clear awareness will dissolve the false structures and usher in a more accurate and blessed perception of your reality.

Mars stationed direct at 23* Scorpio, also his ruling planet - (see how powerful these aspect are? These planets are sitting in their home signs which exhausts their essence and power!) He will stay at 23 degrees until the evening July 11th. We linger in this electromagnetic field where the ego dissolves granting us access to Higher states of consciousness, especially now that the weight of the retrograde has been released! Are you brave enough to go into the unknown waters beyond the ego?

I opened a book of poems I have read from hundreds of times, only to find a poem I had never read before. It is perfect for the current Mars energy:

Turn your Palm

I invited you in to the mystery with an open hand.

I invited you in to the lap of love.

I walked you down a golden path

and touched your eyelids when you slept.

Then I turned away and showed you a darker moon.

You live in the land of bothness;

Without lost you can’t know found.

You stumbled like a lost, numb one.

You passed on pain:

covered another’s mouth,

raised an elbow against their cheek,

Said “No, not that. Not you.”

It begins like that.

It doesn’t begin with an atom bomb or a vicious fight.

It begins with a small silver needle

that sews its way through and says, I block this.

I do not want to hear that word.

I do not want to see that face.

I am against.


Curve around it. Curve around everything.

Turn your palm over and become a listening bowl.

Yes: this will turn your convictions to dust and feel like a slicing death.

What is dying is your prison.

Whatever you hear, let your heart be a golden sieve to it.

~ Tara Sophia Mohr

If the intensity of the upheaval that you are going through feels like an egoic death, it likely is. With Venus out of reach and Neptune in retrograde we are missing some major support systems that would typically sooth us through the turmoil. This time we are being forced to face ourselves. How are you choosing to progress through this transit?

We have an opportunity to sharpen our psychic capacity as Venus goes through this psychic renewal of her own.

Each degree that Venus transits in the Underworld adds a new flavor to the energies of Jupiter and Neptune. Here’s the metaphorical program of her retreat that you can access with a willingness to go into the unknown light that blazes bright:

July 1st ~ She inherits a crystal skull and is initiated with past life memories. In an instant she becomes aware of how well guided and protected she is that she realizes there is no need for her to protect herself so fiercely anymore. Her presence becomes effortless as she is overwhelmed with the ease she can access all that is now that the walls of protection she built have crumbled. She’s not quite sure how long this access will last, so she uses the clarity to clear herself of all that doesn’t serve her Highest. Recognizing that it’s all transient, she is open to see and feel it all completely unencumbered by delusion or the stories she has packed onto experiences of the past. She allows herself to empty out and recalibrate to a Higher Vibration in as many areas of her life as she can. There is not much doing necessary to shift into her new tribe. People have their opinions about how she’s changed, but she doesn’t even notice the scrutiny.

July 2nd ~ She wakes up feeling different. The polarities are very much alive and present. Where she was blind to the opinions of others yesterday, they are inundating her today! Her mind and emotions are wild and out of control as she feels the karmas of her peers, her ancestors and the collective karmas. It’s dramatic. She finds herself attached to everything, taking things personally, feeling responsible and overwhelmed with self-doubt and teetering back into her shadow. In her imagination she plays the games of right or wrong, he said she said, how did I not see? This dramatic play unfolds in her imagination, lines written and rehearsed. The tricky ego she thought was slain is very much alive and strong. The egoic battle continues.

July 3rd ~ Today feels raw, exposed and vulnerable. Many will adopt this crab like quality of retreating into their shell. It’s only temporary. And completely necessary to have this time and space to be with yourSelf to let it all process through without having to do anything about it. This is the honesty with Self you have been waiting for that will open gateways to your gifts.Take your time getting there, yet keep walking toward your fears. It will be worth it!

July 4th ~ If you’re feeling the depths of what is accessible and facing hard truths with a willingness to alter your path, life opens up in Technicolor. You experience a quickening and piercing clarity. Vivid, stark differentiation of what was and what is. The discrepancy between the inner and outer world are no longer tolerable. The consequences of maintaining status quo are too big to bury. It’s time to accept your gifts, own your power and be who you incarnated to be. While the internal alterations are stark, the external experience is gentle as you embody a new way of being.

July 5th onward ~ She reaches the summit of the highest mountain. A karmic healing that grants you reprieve from all the wounds, delusions and self-limiting beliefs that have held her back from her Soul’s inheritance. Birthright revealed. A sense of Self where every cell in your body knows she is a child of the Universe and she is needed. She is awake and clear in direction. A tranquil embodiment, completely unbothered by any distractions, focus on what is needed next. Spaciously observing the world around shape shift to align with the new internal sense of being. Making space to allow for the re-organization her internal world so this clarity and connection sustains. In this expanded state, she is able to see beyond the self into a global vision, understanding that it is her Dharma (life’s purpose) to be in service to the whole and gather with the awakened ones to refocus, renew and revitalize the universal Spirit. Beyond ego, a portal to ancient wisdom remembrance opened, all you have to do is ask. The ego may try to pull you back to rebuild the old, stay high. Remain focused. Observe the game the ego plays, yet don’t get pulled in. Stick with your Spiritual practice, allow the old to continue to crumble, make way for the unknown to emerge.

Her journey to the underworld continues until mid-July. Tune in to your psychic self. Listen. Feel. Journal. By leaning into love, let your fears melt away.

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