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Full Moon in Capricorn

Art by Hans Walor "Stepping into the Light"

This full moon in Capricorn has me up enjoying the quiet peacefulness that comes with my sleeping family. I've been craving time alone to check in with myself & re-calibrate to my own inner alignment of truth and essence. Makes sense that it would happen on a full moon.

To fully understand the feminine, earthy, structure building, ambitious, integral Capricorn, we have to look at her ruling planet, Saturn, along with the archetype. It would make sense that Gurupurnima (the moon to honour your teachers) is on the Capricorn moon.

I've started to relate to Saturn as an older, more mature, no bullshit grandfather or masculine figure who always has your best interest at heart, but isn't always so smooth on the delivery. The moon in Capricorn opposite the sun in Cancer has an obvious square to Uranus in Aries which has an over all feeling of 'keep your eye on the prize,' because shit's about to change. Where attention goes, energy flows ~ so as we traverse these revolutionary times, activate your third chakra {will power} to hold higher vibrational thought patterns & vision to ensure the trajectory of what you are building is where you want to go. Where the moon sits in Capricorn, opposite the sun in Cancer will activate your emotional centres: to be so stoked on your creative vision or clarity of path that external distractions fade away, yet at the same time confronted with a critical, self sabotaging inner voice. These two inner characters play off each other, teaching you resiliency of Self love and how to stay on your own creative team while calming the inner critic. It's a balancing act between these inner polarity points which will eventually lead to alchemizing your inner poison into your cure and potentially, provide medicine to share with the world. What is find interesting is that the greatest inner strength is often built from deep digging, inner questioning to reveal greater clarity, thus confidence. Instead of being taken down, allow this aspect help you understand how badly you want it.

Uranus sitting in Aries loves this inner play because his hidden agenda in poking us here is to liberate us from the perceived shackles and chains binding us to old patterns or outdated + often harmful belief systems. He wants us to be free! Discovering and honestly looking at a pattern is often all we need to transform them.

Looking at what old man Saturn is up to could add some reprieve and hilarity to your suffering. He's semi-squaring the moon & sesquiquadrate to both the sun & Uranus. Which to me looks like a influential conversation happening behind the scenes altering the flavour of the previously mentioned Uranus square to the sun and moon. Saturn is retrograde in the Mystic hunter / teacher sign of Sagittarius and at this particular degree - uprooting the past, activating the petulant child or rebellious, angsty teenage character traits or patterns that are holding you back from your potential. This is part of what is agitating your emotional centres from the underbelly of this moon energy. These are patterns such as 'I know I shouldn't do this, but I don't care, I want to anyway.' A chosen or REBELIOUS IGNORANCE 'I know this will hurt them, but I just don't have the capacity to care right now.' Or BLAME 'well, so and so did this, so I have an excuse to be like this or not show up in my Highest!' Or sitting in your small self while your Higher, essential self is begging to be let out to play. What ever the personalized case for you ~ you are being shown this petulant pattern of behaviour so you can commit right now to let it go! Take an honest look at yourself, see it, own it, giggle at it and grow up! It's time. This is a gateway of maturity. It heals you to do so. Forgive. Release. Move on.

Once you see that and commit to doing better for yourself, the energy of this full moon shifts beautifully.

Now you understand that it was you who was holding you back, you also understand that it is you who can take charge for your own evolution. Mars is finally favourably aspected and it is time to start doing. You probably noticed that your tires stopped spinning and you are actually getting traction on whatever it is you are working on. Harness this! We have incarnated at this time in history to bring and activate a new way to walk this earth. It's time to speak up. It's time for clear inner listening. I love that saying: 'The revolution will not be televised.' It comes from each and everyone of us stepping up to the plate of our own potential.

Yes, our teachers light the path. This will always be true. Honour them. Thank them. Respect them. There also comes a time when the student out grows his or her teacher. This time often correlates with the true activation of the teacher within. Each generation comes in with new information, new wisdom, free from the older generation's programs.

It's time to trust yourself. To listen to your intuition. To use your internal guiding system to help light your path. To honour your teachers, but to also honour yourself as your teacher. The true lessons come from experience. The teacher can point to the moon, but you have to look. The teach can say inhale, but you have to welcome the breath. The teacher can say exhale, but it's you who has to let it go.

Dare to be different. Dare to heal. Dare to step out and away from what holds you back. It's time to build anew. Live from your truth.

Love you Moon Mavens!

ps. seriously go check out this artist's work. Its incredible.

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