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New Moon in Cancer

The New Moon in Cancer represents your Mother relationship, home and family. She represents intimacy, feelings, moods, safety and security. She illuminates early childhood conditioning, growth, empathy and vulnerability. She helps us become aware of our own feelings and sensitive to the feelings of others. She asks us how well we are able to support others and receive support from others. There is tenderness in these waters because of the way the Cancer New Moon nurtures.

This is the essence of this new moon, yet the pathway is through the shadows. Pluto ‘the Power House’ sits in Capricorn opposite the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury all in Cancer. Pluto teaches you about power. Death and rebirth. Transformation. With Pluto in Capricorn, familiar and comfortable structures are crumbling, leaving you no choice but to build new. Neptune is trining all the same planets giving you the support you need to elevate and heal the wounds behind whatever hardship or shadow you are facing. Within every emotional experience, rather than saying “Why me?” Ask “What is this here to teach me? How can I learn? How is this connecting me to my Highest? How is this experience helping me to awaken?”

Pluto opposite the sun will have you facing the reality of how you have been embodying the shadowy aspects or less desirable traits of your personality. You have an opportunity to own it and step up or continue suffering. Transformation is here, what part of your personality are you choosing to strengthen? With Pluto opposite both the Sun and the moon, conditioning and programs that came through your mother and father are being illuminated. This can bring up controlling, jealous or territorial behavior. Have you thinking things should be or look a particular way. It can surface feelings of abandonment, have you questioning your lovability and self worth and in turn, activate fears around letting go and surrender. It is time to give yourself the love, attention or validation you are not getting externally. Let self love and self care wash away your fears. Pluto opposite the moon will put you in the face of whatever challenge is necessary for your emotional rebirth.

With Pluto opposite Mercury in Cancer, it might be wise to make like Cancer the water crab and pull back into your shell. Spend some time with your heart and tears in your journal or soak in a hot bathtub with epsom salts and lavender or rose oils before communicating with the outside world. This intensity is hitting so many areas of your life, until you are clear and in your soft, peaceful power, sit with what is moving until the charge dissipates.

Pluto opposite Venus brings to the surface any inner turbulence, inauthenticity or deep longings to give or receive love in relationships. It will have you voicing what has been sitting beneath the surface. Divorce, separation, fast new relationships or mega transformations within relationships are the result of this transit. Let go of destructive, unhealthy or codependent behaviours in relationships. In some cases, let go of the relationship completely. Resistance only makes whatever is naturally dying a more painful experience. You are being schooled in the art of letting go, at least enough to give the people in your life room to find themselves. The letting go is clearing space for renewal or something completely new. Go for it! It is also begging you to give in to love. In steady, loving, long term relationships, let love flow! Stop withholding your love behind grudges or resentment. This energy could be what you need to blast through mind-placed blockages. It could re-ignite the sexual fire between married couples who have experienced a dry spell! Get a babysitter, use nap time for an afternoon delight, flirt with each other for no good reason other than to radically transform your romantic side back to the honeymoon days! When you get to the other side of any hurt feelings, you'll see how silly you were being by protecting your wounds by holding back from the ones you love! If it is real, they love you too and will hold your heart sacred. Let yourself be vulnerable in intimacy. Forget speaking from your wounds, speak from your heart. Just like the body instantly starts to heal itself as soon as it is cut, your Spiritual essence wants to heal as soon as it is wounded. When you dig back into your wounds they continue to fester. Speak from love even if it hurts and watch how your Spirit heals the wounds without you even having to try. Trust in the intelligence and healing nature of Spirit.

Ultimately, we are all being schooled in our emotional intelligence. Our emotional landscape is maturing both individually and collectively. We are at a time in evolution that we need people stepping up to take care of themSelves, we need people who are steady, grounded and soft in their power to be in service to society and blaze the way for a new way to walk this earth. The only way to build new structures is to burn through and destroy the old. We have to go through it as individuals to get there as a collective.

Remember, astrological weather is the collective Unconscious. Be compassionate. We are all feeling it in our own way. If you find yourself deep in the fight, read about what Mars has been up to here. (I'm working on a piece about Venus's transit through the Underworld too. Stay tuned. It's a good one!)

Let your Spiritual Practice resemble this:

"Going deeper than ever before. Get a full taste of the truth that the deeper you plunge into the dark, the brighter the light when it returns. It seems as though we are being catapulted into our feeling body.

Tragedy, crisis, heartbreak, the aftermath of Mars in retrograde, whatever brings you to your knees :: let yourSelf be refined by the fire. Feel it all. Allow yourself to go into the dark and move the heavy emotions through, but don't stay there ~ return to the light. Burn up the delusion, let go of outmoded perceptions and refuse to stay stuck or small. Refuse to retreat back into fear. Refuse to stay in blame or feel shame. Refuse to give your power away by saying 'So and so did this to me/us' and allowing another person's pain to live in your body or determine your state of emotional health. Refuse to be shackled to the past and perpetuate the wounds of yesterday. Slay your ego. Own your fullness, your power and your pain. Choose to be grateful. Choose to forgive. Choose to honour the pain as your teacher. Choose to transcend pride and give it all back to the Universe to alchemize it. Let yourself be born anew.

In my heart of hearts, what I want is for us all to awaken. I want for us all to know how important it is that you stand in your power and exercise your voice. For you to know that your medicine is needed and that holding back love doesn't just hurt the one you are withholding it from, you end up withholding love from yourself too. I believe there is room for EVERYONE to be steady in their heartfelt power together. In fact, it is when we choose to own it, to become it, that peace prevails because true power is soft. True power is spacious. True power appreciates and respects power. Rise UP!

Together, we heal. Separateness creates suffering. Be brave enough to stand in the fire. Be brave enough to slay your own dragons. Be brave enough to make space for others to grow and evolve and change. Be brave enough to let go of what you think you know. Be brave enough to open your heart and love, love, love.

I love you. The Universe loves you.

You've got this. Find your alignment with your Highest.

Love yourself into wholeness and see what happens. It's so beautiful here.

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