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Virgo New Moon

Friday, August 30th

3:37am New Moon in Virgo

Mutable Earth - Mutable is transforming, the energy of change, like the change of the seasons.

Ruled by Mercury - the Mind

The new moon is in an exact trine with Uranus in Taurus as part of an ongoing Grand Earth Trine and in a tight conjunction with Mars, a couple degrees away from incoming Mercury and Juno. Venus is also in on the action.

To be clear: In Virgo we have Venus, Mars, Sun, Moon, Juno, Mercury. That's a LOT of Virgo energy. Some people might not be able to or want to handle this kind of energy, while others will be rocking out, getting everything done that they ever dreamed. DON'T COMPARE yourself to their highlight real. This one is about YOU.

Virgo rules digestion that happens in the abdomen: The colon & small intestine specifically. I tend to wrap the nervous system in here because healthy digestion is intricately tied in with the function and directive of the nervous system and a big part of Virgo’s work is to learn how to rest deeply into the parasympathetic nervous system.

The exact degree of this New Moon tells a story or having to confront what needs to be healed within yourself. It’s not as often remembered that Virgo is on a mission to heal. Remember when I was talking about Mercury and the medical symbol? Well, Mercury Rules Virgo. Part of the reason Virgo is so good at picking out what is wrong through what can show up as a critical lens is that for one to heal, we have to see what is out of sorts. Once Virgo sees what needs fixing, they fixate on that until it is healed. That is, unless the anxiety / freeze / overwhelm doesn’t take them down. For as organized as this sign has the reputation to be, there are a group of Virgos out there who have just given up. They can hit a point where it’s all too much to deal. If that’s the case, it’s one step at at a time. One small step in the direction you want to go, even if the mind, the habits, the indulgences, the distractions are trying their best to pull you elsewhere.

The Virgo Archetype is also here to Serve. They have usually awakened to the idea that we are part of a whole, which then begs the question: If I’m part of the whole, how can I serve? As they wake up to their best self and over come their uber critical mind that causes so much inner discord, it becomes apparent that to be in Service to each other is a pathway out of pain. A way to transcend the Ego and surrender to a Higher Guidance.

With this New Moon trine Uranus in Taurus, the Awakener who rules the nervous system, it could feel a strong desire for freedom and innovation. Or it could feel restless and impulsive. This urge to be different or unconventional might be the source of inspiration needed to pinpoint the details in your creative endeavors so you can really dive in with your whole Heart and Soul as we travel through the rest of Virgo season and the Virgo lunar cycle. Thank goodness this grand earth trine goes on for the rest of Virgo Season: we have TIME to heal and get ourselves organized for the rest of the year.

Something to contemplate: How much more free are you when you are in the flow? Now, if you had a solid plan, morning rituals to kick off your day and then all you had to do was follow that plan through to completion, how much creative freedom would you be able to tap into?

When we start running like a well oiled engine, we get VERY efficient. A big piece of this lunar cycle and Sun season is to get yourself organized. Make a plan, establish priorities and then just stick to it. Leave enough room in the plan to not only see your sh*t, but FACE your sh*t so you can heal it. Perhaps in your schedule, you plan to see your favorite healer, you schedule in your meditations and movement classes and block some time for you. This will help as the things come up along the way. You can use Virgo Season as an over haul to set yourself up for greatness.

This Virgo moon has innovation, renewal, revelations and letting go for the sake of purification written all over it. In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s spring – so along with this back to school energy you might be feeling, there’s spring cleaning. From a clean slate, you have a fresh canvas to design your life on. Because Mercury is conjunct this new moon, yet even tighter, Mercury is conjunct Juno – part of this cleansing process may be saying something that you’ve needed to say for a while. Get it off your chest, speak up and clear it. Even if there is a little discomfort, if you can speak with compassion and respect, the sense of relief on the other side is extraordinary.

This grand earth trine will continue on for a while as the alignment with the Saturn side strengthens, so I’ll post more about it as it unfolds.

I chose to put last year’s Virgo Astro Nidra up for the energy leading up to the New Moon as that practice is all about healing. If that’s where you are, keep using it. If you already purchased it THIS YEAR, go back to your download page and you'll find this year's Virgo Astro Nidra now as well. It's quite simple, yet spacious for you to learn from your Highest Self.

The new one has recently been posted along with the Moon moving into Virgo. This one is a return to wholeness and an opportunity for you to explore the question: How am I here to Serve?

The Mars in Virgo Cosmic Walking Meditation is the most practical approach to this energy. In it, you’ll establish your priorities and set yourself up for your day with clarity and motivation to stay on task. I think they all are needed. Give them a try!

At the very least, write down your to do list, prioritize it, lop off the bottom half and let it go of the rest. Make a plan of execution for the month of September and beyond and then just do it.

Love you Moon Lovers!

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