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Taurus New Moon ~ Release the old Programs, Innovate and Awaken your Psychic Senses

{cosmic art by Lori Menna of @cosmiccollage}

Sat, May 4th3:45pm PST

Fixed Earth. The Bull. Feminine.

Taurus, ruled by Venus. Venus rules prosperity, harmony, how we relate + luxuriate. It rules love, money and assets.

In the body, Taurus rules the five senses, throat, neck, thyroid, vocal cords and ears.

Taurus’ are the most powerful manifesters of the zodiac, yet before they can fully activate this, their first mission in life is to step into their self worth and understand the value they create for the world. 

Because of their intimacy with their senses, they tend to be lovers of the arts, enjoy fine textiles, good music and they often can sniff their way into powerful relationships (you laugh, but go talk to a true Taurus – their noses, know!). They tend to be incredible in the kitchen, or at least think about food a little more then the rest of us and appreciate good cooking! They love to snuggle and sleep and take things slow. There is something about tradition that they just love. They are one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac! And once a Taurus is set on something, they have the determination of a bull to get it done!

If you’re ever on the bad side of a true Taurus, meet them through their senses and they’ll soften to you without even realizing it. OR add bring them a gift to go with their favourite collection (they love to collect things, but might not see it as that ;-)

This Taurus new moon is really special. This is the first new moon since Uranus moved into Taurus. Wherever Uranus is, you can expect an awakening. In this case, you can expect an awakening of the senses, of your worth, of your ability to manifest and bring ideas into reality. Innovation is fresh and available in the visionary, psychic airwaves. 

The exact degree of the New Moon tells a story of recognizing yourself in an interesting space where you are not quite the same as you have always been, yet not full embodied into what is to come and the only way to get out of this in between state is to melt away the ego that holds you to that past identity while humbling yourself to an unknown reality. The companion to guide you through is love.

This moon is a time to release anything that is holding you back from fully embodying your worth and understand the value you bring to this world and in turn, making changes to your abundance, your love and your beliefs. I’ll break it down.

When we look at Venus to expand on this New Moon wisdom, it is busy! For my astro nerds:Venus is Square Saturn Rx, Pluto Rx, the South Node in Capricorn and the North Node in Cancer. She’s also trine Mars in Gemini, Sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, then we get this ricochet effect from Mars and Jupiter Squaring Neptune. Let me unpack this:

There is a HUGE calling right now to untether yourself to an aspect of your past that no longer serves. This can be found in an inner structure, patter or belief system that was developed at any time in your life. The hardest subconscious patterns and conditions to see are the ones we adopted from your time in utero until about 7 or 8 years old where your inner world was far more dominant than the outer world and everything you experienced was internalized as yours or your fault. Our brains are at a stage of development where there is no analyzer in action, so your brain and mind are on record, recording all the beliefs and behaviours of your primary care givers and the environment you were raised in. This is where the foundation of your subconscious mind was developed. While in your mother’s womb, you also inherited her nervous system responses, breath patterns and fears and desires, not to mention your ancestral wisdom and wounds as they are patterned in your DNA. Yet we also develop our subconscious patterns of protection and ego through our experiences of trust, betrayal, hurts and successes. We learn through our social circles and the culture we grow up in. These programs shape who we are and what we believe as ‘truth’. 

When we look at the quantum world of existence, very simply put: we live in what’s being called the Plasmic field. This plasmic field has an infinite number of particles waiting to be ordered.  They represent and infinite number of possibilities and potentials. There is no charge to these particles, they are basically in service to us, waiting for instructions of what to do and how to organize. When we have a belief, an idea and an emotion that matches, these particles then organize around that aligned belief, idea and emotion. So the world that we live in is shaped as a result of the collection of programs that we have running in our subconscious mind and the mind of collective consciousness.

When we begin to familiarize ourselves with the unseen (and I’m not even talking about some paranormal unseen force like a ghost or a God, I’m simply talking about the unseen aspects of the mind and the beliefs we hold), we are able to cause a disruption in the organization of those particles... because the instructions change.

One begins to wake up when they start to recognize that these original programs are not absolute truths or the only way of being, but rather ONE way to be and believe. When we start to see that one way of believing in ourselves and our reality has actually been holding us back from a more liberated expression of self, then we can start to shift it.

Now, remember, the belief, the idea (or thought) and the emotions all have to be on the same wavelength to affect the organization of the particles. In some cases, when alignment shifts, it will shift the instructions ever so casually that they can adjust material without a HUGE disruption to the world that you live in and in other cases, you’ll notice a complete destruction and disassembling of the world around you and inside of you as well as the full spectrum in between. The inner and the outer are mirrors of each other, so when one changes, the other naturally follows.

Saturn Rx, Pluto Rx, South Node of the moon Rx (it’s always Rx) are all sitting together in Capricorn.The South node tells of where you’ve been, your past. Saturn rules inner and outer system and structure, karma, authority and it’s tool is time. Pluto is death, transformation and rebirth and shows us our Soul’s power. These two mean business. With both of them on a Retrograde (Rx) journey, that means it’s time to look at what this all means internally. If you’ve been paying attention to astrology you know that Pluto and Saturn’s big conjunction goes exact in January 2020, but because of the slow moving nature of these to malefics, there’s a long lead up and releasing of the big moment of time in January 2020. We are being prepared to be able to handle the big event come its time. Because this is happening in Capricorn, we are looking at a dissolving of authority within system and structure for the purpose of awaking purpose through rebirth. This is a global event that really, no one will avoid. We saw this last in the 1500’s (which was also when we adopted the current Gregorian calendar among other significant events). Governmental, educational, health care systems and more are all up for renewal. 

Right now and all through the summer while Pluto and Saturn retrograde, we are being asked to look at the inner structures and systems that we’ve create and are carrying in our subconscious programming are ready to be dismantled and renewed. We’re being asked to question our inner authority that is beating us up and align with an inner authority that is life affirming and with this new moon specifically, that allows us to embody our worth as our birth right. It’s demanding that we surrender an aspect of Self, ego, structure that no longer serves, even if it has played an important role in the past, as we need to let go in order to grow.

Our inner compass is our integrity. We learned during the Leo full moon to follow our moral compass as directed from our hearts. This is still playing out! Remember, astrology is leading us to liberation.

And to fully activate the power of Pluto, we want to integrate the polarity point in the chart, which in this case, is Cancer. The North Node is also in Cancer and the north node tells us what’s to come and embodiment of purpose. A big part of this shift is how we nurture ourselves and bring the Divine Mother into our lives. This is the rising of the Feminine: the Matriarchy. I’m digressing a bit away from the New Moon to help you get a better understanding of it all... let me go back, but before I do: SURRENDER is a sustained theme this year and here specifically because this aspect is in favourable energy to this new moon and square Venus telling us that it might not feel good, but it’s for our greater good. Pay attention.

Neptune square Mars and Jupiter:

To understand how these two are talking to Venus, we need to look at the strength of what they’re dealing with in a more expanded perspective. Neptune rules the subconscious mind, dreams and the state of Yoga Nidra. It is the illusion as well as the access point to the psychic realms. Neptune lives underneath the analytical mind and in the expanse that connects us to all things. We humans don’t have the best interpretation skills of the world beyond the mind as of yet, but those who are spending time there are awaking to it quite quickly. It’s truly astonishing. There are teachers springing up everywhere who are getting it, so the pathway is being build into the collective mind, it won’t take long to reach the metaphorical 100th monkey.  Our belief systems, truth radar and Higher Teachings are being activated. Our sense of Spirituality is going through a massive revision and upgrade, old school indoctrinations are losing power as truth is experienced on an undeniable level of felt experience and embodied wisdom. 

As Neptune is working slowly and steadily to show you where your Soul garden is sprouting wild flowers for your growth, you’re also being shown the weeds in your inner garden. These weeds are limiting beliefs, inner wounds that are ready to heal, inherited programs that no longer serve. This inner blossoming of personal, ancient and innovative wonder may be coming up in conflict to the strongest beliefs, Higher learning and truths (Jupiter) that you currently hold which in turn creates questions in your deepest motivations and actions (Mars). As you see what needs to be dissolved within and these inner potentials, you are being asked to employ that taurean determination and heed the pressure of your subconscious programs and conditions and set forth upon a new, innovative path. Look toward the path of abundance and liberation. Look toward the path of purpose and rebellion that enables dreams to come true by completely obliterating old, underlying energetic pathways of feeling and being and redrawing the inner matrix to uplevel your abundance and creative prowess.

This is a time where you can create fairly substantial and radical shifts in your life, but you have to be willing to disrupt all that has been holding you back in order to do it.   A few things you can do on this new moon:

Have a look at your financial health. Either create a budget for the first time, or revamp your financial plan. If you are able to re-organized your earning potential do it! Get Innovative!

Look at your limiting beliefs around money. As questions like:

~ What are the first stories I remember hearing about money?

~ How did your family relate to money when you were a child?

~ How are the answers to those two questions creating your beliefs about money today?

~ What would you like to believe about money? ~ Do you feel worthy of receiving money?

~ What can you do to shift from where you were in the past and where you’re heading in the future?

Practice being in receptive states to further open yourself to receive the abundance you desire. For example: How are you at receiving compliments? Every time you turn a compliment away, you’re telling the Universe you don’t want to receive. 

As always, I have created an Astro Nidra to assist you in embodying the wisdom of this Taurus energy. The Taurus Season Astro Nidra is beautifully aligned for this New Moon and works of opening your psychic senses and grounding you into your worth and understanding your value. Because Taurus rules the throat and vocal cords, we work with that in this Astro Nidra too. I won’t tell you how, you just have to try it!

And in case you didn’t hear, I have created a subscription option for the astro nidras now too. For those of you who choose to subscribe, you’ll receive a Cosmic Walking meditation too! It’s coming after the new moon energy to walk you into Gemini Season while integrating the energy of this new moon. Of course, if you don’t want to do the subscription, they will still be available as individual practices too. You still have choice!

For the Taurus Season Astro Nidra, click here. If you’re ready to subscribe, click here!

Love you Moon Lovers!


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