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Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice and the beginning of Capricorn Season

December 21stofficially kicks off Winter. As we travel through the shortest day of the year, it’s important to remember that it is now that the light begins its return.

The Gregorian calendar marks January 1stas the new year and even though it’s not the astrological new year, the themes work with the astrological cycles.

To understand astrology, it’s important to think in cycles. We are always going through cycles. There is no beginning and no ending. Yet, we do understand the new moon as a resetting of the moon cycle or completes one orbit around the earth, right? It’s the new moon phase where you reflect and shed, then plant seeds for the new cycle.

As you know, we mark a year by noting when the earth makes one lap around the sun. We could call that an earth cycle. Winter Solstice is that same stage as the new moon, but for the earth. We could essentially call it the new earth cycle.

Reflecting that, it’s easy to see that it’s time to shed that which no longer serves, pull your energy inward to listen to your Soul’s message, that intuitive inner knowing and then plant seeds for this new earth cycle.

If we look at the Astrological Year, it officially begins in Aries Season and the Spring equinox, yet just like when a Mother births her child, that life begins before the birth. There is a gestation period where the mother goes through many metaphorical deaths in preparation for this new life entering. The new life incubates quietly, for some time, unseen, growing from a seed into a fetus. In the Mother’s physical world, the structure and form start to shape shift to make room for this new life. A room is organized, she gathers the necessary supplies and makes a plan for their support. What fills it all is unknown, but the structures are put in place to support the growth.

This is the same with Winter Solstice. It is the end of the previous year’s cycle, a time for reflection and shedding, allowing last year’s cycle to die off so that there are rich nutrients in the soil to plant seeds for the new earth cycle. It’s time to make shifts in your physical world to ensure that you are well supported to embrace what is coming as your vision materializes. Here and now, in Capricorn season, you’ll make a plan, create the structure, define responsibilities and establish authority and expertise.

In Aquarius season, you gather the people, negotiate roles and look into the future planning. In Pisces season you’ll pray, set ritual and surrender to Divine Will to let the magic unfold. By the time spring comes along you’ll be set to receive what is birthed from this quieter, internal time of winter.

This Winter Solstice and Capricorn Season starts with Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius. This is indicating that the veil between worlds will be a little thinner than usual as communication is expanded for those who are listening. The Sun in trine Uranus is giving us innovation and awakening. Pay attention for your big idea to switch on in the next few days. Venus is trine Neptune giving us tremendous creative potential and imagination. The Full Moon in Cancer the next day is also increasing intuition and reminding us that self-care is an integral part of the creative process.

A Ritual:

If you can do this with a friend or partner, great. If you can do it in community, even better! The potency increases when you share these moments.

Take a moment to write out your top 10 accomplishments of 2018, then a list of your greatest personal growth and acknowledge how far you have come.

Then take a moment to acknowledge what sucked, where you stumbled and fell and what you learned from these moments.

Write down what you are putting to rest before you step through this portal of the new earth. What are you letting go of, shedding, allowing to die.

If you haven’t already done it with the Sagittarius New Moon – make a vision board. Utilize the energy of these next three days to get really clear on what you’re dreaming of and creating. Write it down with emotion, clarity of the vision and write it as if it’s already here and you’re already experiencing it. At the top of the page write: This or something better for all involved.

Because this is a Jupiter year home in Sagittarius, there is a high risk of excess and over the top experiences. What kind of grounding practices are you cultivating in this life. Sure, dream big and then, make it happen.

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